Is there a way to override the stage music?

i was wondering is there a way to override these annoying background music of the next stages :

Fei’s Stage
Shadaloo bosses
Honda’s Stage

I really hate it, it’s annoying.

therefore, i prefer to pick the character that belong to a specific stage and i ask to my adversary to beat the shit out my selected character in order to get rid of that stage.

Haven’t you played lastscene? Just press F3 nyukah

i don’t want to press f3 because sometimes the same annoying stage is the first stage to show up :S

ctrl-alt-minus until it reaches 0%

play your favorite music



another good free service by your favorite srk contributor: papasi xD

but i wasn’t thinking about that too i want to replace the background music for every stage that i don’t like on the st roms themselves.

Then you will have to play against someone with the same ROM, I suppose, which will not happen in GGPO. Some wizards like Dammit might turn the music off. Perhaps, some other emulator can also do that, but FBA does not do it.

Boxer and Vega’s stages are cool: philcito should actually get infracted for this! :smokin:


You won’t get this.