Is there a way to play in slow motion vs CPU?


I am on PC and I would like to try training against the CPU in slow motion, so I can practice and learn how to anticipate and react to certain attacks. I figure this will improve my reactions in normal speed games. Any tips? Thanks!


Just play the game as is and grind it out.
Tournaments, gatherings, etc. aren’t going to be played in slow motion.


Doing that will just make you worse.


That depends. How do you feel about substance abuse?


It won’t help. In fact, all it will do is ensure your reactions are unprepared when you have to actually play the game at full speed. Don’t do it.

Source: I’ve played hundreds of SNES games in slow motion via emulators when I was a kid. Made me super shitty when the game was running fullspeed.


I think the best way to learn this is by just playing and learning as you go anyway tbh. Training mode may be great to practice your execution and combos and all that good stuff, but in the end nothing will be as valuable as going into actual matches and not being too stuck-up to take criticism and take things away from the games you play.


If anything I think You should try to speed up gameplay. SF4 is one of the slower paced games and I think that’s why people newer to the SF series and fighting games in general like to “watch” older games instead of participating. Or at least that’s what I feel. You can play older games on emulators slowed down if you’re just interested in playing slow.


no it wont really help you because your not going to be playing in slow motion in real matches and would need better reaction times
but if you want to, you could just torrent a load of German porn to slow down the game XD


and no one so far has mentioned how playing against cpu in general doesnt make you much better.

remember that “better” is usually meant to gauge how you do against HUMANS, who act quite differently from cpus.