Is there a way to play "SF2: World Warrior" on PS3?

Hi guys,

Quick basic question:

I just got my new PS3 today (yay, ready for SSF4 :bgrin: ) and after setting it up, I checked the online store, because I really wanted to buy a version of the first SF2:WW. It seems it’s not even available ? :wtf:

There is only the SF2: HDR version if I got it right, but now I am wondering if I am missing some sort of classic Capcom or SF collection for PS3 that contains SF2:WW ?

I tried googeling, but the only results I could come up with were for PSP or PS2.

Any help appreciated :woot:

What gig PS3 do you have?

You can play Street Fighter II WW for the PS1 on your PS3… I believe… Not sure if PS1 discs have lag on PS3’s tho.

I have Street Fighter collections 1 and 2 for PS1 and play them on my PS3. If there is any lag, it’s barely noticeable.

SF collection 2 is the one with WW on, it also has CE and HF too. You should probably check out eBay, you should be able to pick it up for pretty cheap.

A PS3 slim, with 120 GB.

Thanks for the info! :tup: It’s indeed available on Ebay right now, but only for around 20 Euro including shipping. I am going to see if I can find a cheaper offer in the near future.

Why do you want it for your ps3 when you can get a much better version on mame?

Training mode.

You’re right though, the arcade version of the game is better than console, although I believe Hyper Fighting on MAME is faster than the actual arcade board. I could be wrong though.

get ps2 anniversary collection. go to hyper fighting and set both chars to ww setting. the only non complicated way i know unless it’s dlc.

Sorry dude, but you can’t play any PSX or PS2 games if you have the new PS3 Slim. I think they axed b/c recently like a year ago.

PS1 games work, PS2 games don’t.

Talk about ass fucking backwards.

well im def getting the fat one then. if i get one, they are expensive little buggers.

I heard the slim isn’t b/c period, but I’m not sure. I have one so I could try it out if you need me to lol

It does play PS1 games, though.

I believe there are cheats that allow you to do basically everything a training mode would have to offer and more for Mame. I have that for ST and a bunch of other games so I wouldn’t be suprised if they had it for WW.

The Slim PS3s do allow PS1 games to be played. Ignore anyone who says otherwise.