Is there a way to play Virtua Fighter 2 online?



…do you have a rom? an emulator? some kind of p2p server?

This post is so vague you could fill the grand canyon with inane answers.

If you have a supporting emulator that has some type of online play, then I’m sure you can play it online…

Haha DRCsyntax I think that’s what he was asking. :bgrin:

  • Are there currently any emulators available for its arcade board?
  • If so, does it include netplay?
  • If no, do any of the Sega Saturn emulators in existence work well enough to run VF2 properly?
  • If yes, do any of those ones include netplay?

Sega made a PC port of VF2 with online play. I don’t know much about it but it I hear it works OK.

Ask more about it on irc channel #vfhome