Is there a way to practice FADC-cancels?

When performing a DP and the opponent subsequently blocks it, how can I improve my reactions so that I can successfully FADC-backdash out of my blocked DP? Should I head into Training mode and enable random block and try DPing over and over? Would that help? Thanks!

What you’ll notice most players do is hold the fadc for a split second and then confirm dash forward or backwards. This also has the added benefit of the invincible frames being later so sometimes you avoid their attempted punish. No secret but to train this in the way you mentioned (random block).

For the dp itself, unless you’re using EX dp as ryu/seth or fierce dp with ken you can’t hitconfirm it alone.

Dunno if anyone else can, but I can’t hitconfirm a raw dp neither light/medium nor ex with Ryu.
Uppercut fadc into ultra 1 is a hard read for me.
With Ken’s heavy dp it’s pretty easy though.

Same here, I can only confirm Ken’s fierce DP due to the two hits. Hold the FADC a little for a single hit but even then it’s hard to do.

You can fadc the second hit of ex dp with ryu. Should be even easier than ken’s fierce dp.