Is there a way to reduce PS3 input lag?


I’ve got my PS3 hooked up to the Asus VH236H monitor (the EVO monitor) to play AE and 3SO, but I was wondering if there’s any settings I can change on the PS3 to reduce input lag as much as possible.

Thanks in advance for your input.


What sort of lag are you referring to? Do you mean the 5ms it takes for a PS3 to process the input from a controller(which should not be noticeable to the average human)? The only other lag would be lag in video processing, but the Asus VH236 has next to none and the PS3 processing lag can not be reduced.


I have a shaky grasp of what causes input lag, but my understanding is that the monitor has to upscale the 720p output to 1080p, which introduces additional input lag. I was wondering if there was any setting on the PS3 that maybe diminishes the processing time slightly.


if it’s upscaling, then have it downscale to 720P so it doesn’t lag


Press the button sooner…


lol. I havent noticed any input lag in OE then again i only played 3s in arcades once soo I’m not sure.


Unfortunately there is not.

AE and 3SO only output up to 720p. PS3 does not upscale 720p games to 1080p, so it has to output AE and 3SO at 720p. The monitor has a 1080p panel so it must display a 1080p image, thus it must upscale the 720p input to 1080p output. There is no avoiding it.


Speaking of 3rd Strike Online, can we have some honest to goodness testing on this, especially on LCD vs CRT (as well as HDMI)? Because, honestly I didn’t feel any lag on it either on the PS3, and while I’m running an LCD monitor, it is via DVI and not HDMI.


well I use the evo monitor and hdmi and it feels fine for me but I’m curious to see actual test done on ps3/360 for 3rd Strike Online.