Is there a way to tell if I have a ps360+ in a used stick I bought?


I recently bought a stick off of someone that said it is dual modded. I opened up the stick and looked at the board and it looks like a ps360+. Is there another way I can tell it is like via the PC?



If it’s a PS360+ it will be written on the board.

Have another look.


I’m aware that its written on the board, but it is on the back side of it, and the way that the stick is modded I can’t move the board to see it. Anything else I can test?

  1. Plugging it into a PC will show “PS360+ v.XYZ” in the Devices & Printers page in Windows.

  2. A PS360+ is pretty unique in look. It’s also written “PS360+” in BIG on the bottom-side. Take a picture and show us.

  3. Technically, putting in a PS360+ isn’t a “dual-mod” in the strictest sense of the words; yes, it allows you to play on both PS3 and X360, but there was no real “modding” to make it “dual-console-compatible”. :slight_smile:


Awesome, thanks! I plugged it into my PC and checked “Devices & Printers” like you said and it says PS360+ v1.2