Is there a way to transfer Marvel vs capcom 2 from the Computer to Ps3?


i had just realized the other day after i was almost sure that i didn’t have the game that i actually had the demo… i searched around hoping that i would have the full game and just like i expected i didnt. so i guess the only alternative is to just burn $189 on a Ps2 arcade stick (thats not even brand new its some guy trying to rip someone off on ebay) of decent quality and another $60 on a working ps2 since my ps3 wont read the ps2 version of the damn game. i tried to buy the full version from the demo and it said “There are no items you can purchase at this time”. whats even better is the fact that i had an account where i purchased the game but because i dont have the very first ps3 it was made on sony wont let me change the email (which was part of a moving company thats no longer valid.) and i had a friend who was gonna gameshare it but he apparently changed his mind for an unknown reason and i know him and real life too and he doesn’t even play ps3 anymore. this fucking sucks.


“legally” I don’t think you can. As in the methods for people to do it legally are non-existent. Unless maybe you have an old fat PS3 with the “other OS” option still available.

So in short you’ll probably have to jailbreak the PS3 to allow the loading of PS2 ISO’s. Save the ISO onto your PS3 harddrive and play it directly from that harddrive.


well i found my old fat ps2 which still works but the only issue is that theres no online mode and none of my friends in maryland even play MvC. so now all i have to do is just find an arcade stick of decent quality. (close tie between street fighter anniversary and a tekken 5 Stick) the SFAC looks to be american made with a bat top which isn’t really my forte. tekken 5 seems closer to Sanwa or at least seimitsu. i might not even buy them though since i’ll need 2 to avoid Wearing out my controllers. is there an adaptor that can let u play from a ps3 stick on ps2? also nice Ex3 avi. my ps3 wont read that or CVS2 either. an Hd Remaster with online would be nice for EX+Alpha and CVS2


also my ps3 is the first Edition of Slim so i dont have Other Os option anymore


The tekken 5 should be hori, so its sanwa based but doesn’t have the quality to last like sanwa would.

I am not aware of a PS3 to PS2 adapter. There are plenty that go the other way around. Best bet would probably be to get the PS3 dual modded to also play on PS2. Or just completely swap out the PS3 pcb with a ps2 pcb if you have no intentions of ever playing that stick on PS3. So yeah, dual mod would probably be for the best.

Yeah, an HD remaster, or just rescaled would be nice for the older EX games. Probably never happen but a person can dream.

And yeah that Other OS went away with the firmware updates as well.