Is there a way to unlock the extended opening?

Personally, I love the new intro and I think it’s much more striking, visually. All the angles and SFX used, it’s so godlike. If you watch the full one, at least. That’s my opinion.

Then again, I play Magneto, and when I get to the end of the intro, just to see him be so fucking epic going up against Galactus, there’s no way I can’t love this.

IMO the Vanilla intro cutscenes were the best for any video game ever. The one for this game is great, but not incredible…it’s natural to be a little disappointed.

I liked this one. (i’m a fan of this comic-book artist, made awesome work in the x-force and necrosha series.).


I think this intro did a better job of making the scope of the battle far larger and much more involved than the Ultimate cinematic.

what’s larger than taking up a whole city and going up to the stratosphere to take on Galactus?

Taking up two cities and going up to the stratosphere to battle two Galactuses (Galacti?)

It did show all of the characters, I think. Who did it miss?

: V …
: I …
: T
Good point.

Where’s storm? Racist capcom is racist

4:24, in the back ground behind task and hsien ko is this very faint hailstorm and purplish fireball? its easy to miss when hsien ko’s throwing shit.

I’m even more offended now. How the hell you gonna have storm be Hsien-ko’s background? WHAT THE FUCK CAPCOM

Have to agree – Vanilla’s was by far more epic.

I love how Morrigan’s boobs get more screentime than the Mega Man characters in EVERY crossover since TvC.

but seriously that’s the first time i’ve seen that why isn’t it on the disc, and i actually like it more then the vanilla intros
although viper in vanilla is pretty awesome too

The extended intro showed all the characters. The intro that was on the game disc however was cut short and is missing more then half the cast.

i like it too.

I was being sarcastic. It’s silly.