Is there a way to unlock the extended opening?

I remember when they were introducing UMvC3, they showed what would later become the opening for the game. But then, later, they came out with several other openings. I thought this would be like in vanilla, where you can unlock the movies as opening 1, 2, 3, etc. But today checked, figuring I’d have at least one new one by now, and noticed I only had the main opening and the credits. Not only that, but the opening is titles as “opening” and not “opening 1”.

Did they really leave all of the other off the disk? Or are they unlockable? If the latter, how would one go about unlocking them?

No one? Nothing? Come on, someone has to know something about this.

I’ve heard it’s not on the disc. Can’t confirm anything myself though. Maybe it’ll come with/be unlocked through H&H?

you have to pay for it.

8,95$ DLC

What intro are you talking about? Is it the one that plays if you don’t press anything for a while (not the weird comic book thing, the one with the camera slowly panning around.) If so then that’s odd it wouldn’t be in the gallery.
Although it’s also odd that supposed launch DLC is still not here 3 weeks later, so

My question is… why did they feel like vanilla’s interface for… EVERYTHING needed a nerf?

I’ve yet to find a single positive thing about the “looks” of things compared to vanilla. The HUD sucks. The intro is, comparatively, bad (had it been vanilla’s intro and had vanilla’s been ultimate, things would make alot more sense). And for some odd reason the interface overall just seems… “slower.”

the opening is rather lackluster to me… it’s not a FMV cinematic. It’s like some 3d rotational slideshow. Vanilla at least had 4 different fully motional cinematics that were pretty darn good even though many didn’t even watch them. But having said that… that is probably the reason why they didn’t go thru with making a new FMV cinematic.

What I’m wondering is why did they not include all the previous intros…I think i like them more.

I think its a matter of preference, Unlike the posts above apparently I liked the new intro A WHOLE lot better than the vanilla one. It had like a certain hype to it, like your just waiting for whats going to happen next. Also the detail that went into each model and the background of the fights its just substantial.
I assume you have to beat arcade with every character, thats at least what I thought.

i liked the intro however, by some idiotic move… wait, UMVC3 decisions…
the full intro with all characters (aside from storm and akuma) is not included on the disk. you have to youtube it. it may be added with heroes and heralds but don’t get your hopes up.
Its why the art of he trailer on the disk only has the first like 1/3 of the trailer art.

the previous intro were alright, but they were pointless. i rather the cool looking cinematic over a bunch of characters seemingly doing something important, and then the 4th trailer leading to a cliffhanger (ultimate arcade edition confirmed October 2012)

I can confirm that it’s not on the disc. Weird if you ask me, but hey, whatever.

He’s talking about the extended intro that shows all the characters. You can watch it over here. The one in the game is only half of the extended intro: [media=youtube]-2oXO6SYuJ0[/media]

I just went thru it in slow-mo to see if they actually got all the characters in there, and yes they did. She-Hulk is fighting Jill (who’s kinda tough to see). Dormammu is fighting amaterasu in the background. Storm is fighting Akuma in the background.

Cap A and hawkeye are double teaming firebrand. Viper and Frank West are double teaming Skrull. Chris and Felicia are double teaming Shuma. Which left Magneto all by his lonesome without a capcom counterpart to face Galactus. Not sure why they didn’t pair up frank or viper with magneto just to sort of even it out.

Kinda wish they animated the whole thing instead of just using still frames.

See, everyone’s complaing about it as if what they did was easy. Those aren’t still frames, they’re EXTREMELY detailed 3D renderings. They put a lot more time into this intro than they did the one for Vanilla, and quite frankly, I think it’s absolutely awesome.

Yeah I think it’s awesome too. But you know what would have been more awesome. If those 3d renderings were actually moving :slight_smile:

Except making something like that move would have taken a shitton of resources. Time, money… That would have been the hardest worked on intro to a videogame, probably ever.

People need to learn to appreciate these kinds of things. They by no means were being lazy with it. It was just a different style.

Besides, the lack of movement is what allowed you to appreciate the detail. If they were all dancing around the screen, you’d miss it all. This intro does an amazing job of leaving us to marvel of the epicness of it all.

Those original four openings/cinematics from Vanilla were epic beyond belief, I got chills watching Thor take on Dormammu. Don’t ask me why. The new one is beautiful, but trash as far as emotion. It doesn’t even fit the mood of the game.

Yeah it probably wasn’t in the budget to include movement in the opening. But at the very least they could have included the extended intro showing all the characters.

Sarcasm? If so, you obviously didn’t read what I said very well, or at least chose to ignore the details behind the claim that it would have cost a lot of resourses.

This I can agree on. It’s just disappointing. =\

I can see what you mean by “doesn’t fit the mood of the game”, but otherwise, I couldn’t disagree more. The beauty is what gives it it’s emotion, along with the music. The opening and ending of the full cinematic were very ominous and powerful; I got chills watching everything start to move as Magneto stared down Galactus. The rest was really just to look awesome/cool, and show off the characters. I saw nothing wrong with it. It was very emotionally provoking for me. I watched it several times in a row with the speakers turned up nice and loud. You know how it is. =D

Lol. It was actually not sarcastic at all.

Good point… just one problem.

Most people (at least from my consensus of asking) aren’t Marveling at it, and prefer the old one. I watched the old ones several times personally. They personified the feel of Marvel and the only satisfyingly descriptive word of them is “epic.”

This one I watched once, have skipped it ever since, and have no intention of ever watching it again. It’s not a bad intro, it’s just not as good as the old one.

And if resources were an actual problem, by all means, they could have just used a different one of the 3 or 4 older ones and added the new characters.

The way I’ve started thinking about it though is that maybe they did it the way they did to appease the comic book guys. From that sense, it’s a pretty good into. It’s like a wordless comic slideshow. The guys REALLY into comic books probably enjoy it more than the old one, and can probably get the same feel out of it that they do from reading the favorite comics.

The issue there is… I’m going to go ahead and say that most people playing Marvel probably don’t give much of a damn about comics. I sure don’t. Nothing against them, but since I can just watch a movie instead, I’d rather not bother reading them. Relevance to the intro being, why do I want to see a bunch of still images when they’d be far more interesting moving. That goes double for a fast-paced action fighter like Marvel.