Is there a way to wire a 360 guide button to work on a ps2 by holding start&select?

i have a t5 stick and it will be duel modded with the stock ps2 pcb and a 360 hacked pad is there a way to make the 360 guide button work by holding down the start and select button to pull up the guide like the inpin does on ps3? cause i would perfer not to cut a hole out but if i have to i will. if so can you tell me the proper way to wire it? i searched for it on here couldn’t find it anywhere. thanks in advance

I’m also trying to find out how to do this. I found this but it’s for the PS3. Not sure if the same fix could work for the 360/PS2.

You might as well wire Guide = Select. Very few games use the Back button on the 360. Otherwise I believe you can use an Imp board to accomplish what you’re after:

kyle i know but thats the way to use the guide on ps3 with the inpin converter or is there another way that i didn’t notice?