Is there a website I can store my programs on

basically my PC is fucked and I want to reformat it, I want to save my programs of vids and music first, about 4 GB odd.

However my stupid E drive which is my RW drive wont allow me to copy anything, it says E is not accessible, incorrect function

I will reformat and then d/l my programs of that website, please can someone help me with this problem.

I also have music and videos in winrar and I want to know, if I save them on this website (if such a thing exists) can I just d/l and play it like that. I assume that I must have winrar D/Led but still will it work just like that.

Can someone please help me with a solution.

Just get a cheap external hard drive. It’s much faster.

so you mean, get a cheap HD and then use a wire to attach it to my one and transfer the info?

its via usb

why would it connect to the hd?

sorry I am not that PC minded, ok so what do I have to do and buy, can someone tell me then please

Just google places for free web storage, there are tons of sites offering space for such things, many of them free. (I have never used any of them, but a quick google search shows there are a bunch of them.)

^^^^ the max they usually offer is like 2 or 3 gb’s

go to best buy (or any electronics store) -> ask “Can i get an external usb HD” -> buy one -> pay for it -> go home -> follow instructions on the box

thanks man

couldn’t I just save half, d/l and then di it again or do it at 2 diff websites ?

storage websites arent really used as back up

hd’s are more reliable because you can access it directly, rather than loging to some site, and it will take forever to upload considering if its free, they wont give you much bandwidth use

and u have to upload one file at a time

quick question as I wanna go buy the USB HD just now but a friend said

E drive is a removable drive,if your e dirve doesnt work then the usb hd wont work either.

Is this true?

how does your E drive NOT work?
there is no specific name for each drive, (cept for C:, and A:)

it is just the order they are plugged in

your friend is an idiot

I hope you realize that if you’re planning on uploading multiple gigs of stuff that it’ll take forever. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have to download it all again once you get your PC reformatted.

ok apart from the storage, I take it each device can download and upload speed what number over what do I need as for example I seen some with 400/12

I mean if anyone can take 2 mins out of their time to look on or,uk and say that this is a good one, then I will get it as my stuff is about 6GB and I have windows XP

I mean for example is this a alright one to do my job

That one looks fine. Ask the seller if the drive is already formatted and partitioned. If it is you will simply plug it in to the usb ports on your PC (I assume you PC has usb 2.0. If not the transfer will go a little slow.)
and it will show up as a new drive.

If it isn’t formatted and partition you will need to do that yourself.