Is there an AE/ST match up chart?


I was wondering, is there an AE/ST match up chart? And no before you say I’m not asking for a tier list, I mean a chart that shows who is best and worst against who… It apears match ups are seriously important in this game and it would be a usefull piece of info to have… Of course if you want to give me a tier list, go right ahead, but it’s not directly what I’m looking for…


I think most of the match-ups are pretty well known at this point.

Boxer and ‘Sim do ok against O. Sagat
Honda, Chun’ and Claw give ‘Sim more trouble than most
Fei-Long, Honda, Chun’, Guile, O. Sagat and Dhalsim are tough for 'Gief
Hawk has trouble with 'Sim, O. Sagat and Cammy (apparently).
Honda has trouble with shotos

I’m sure there’s one floating around for the less extreme match-ups though.
I have no idea how something like Blanka VS Fei-Long goes for instance.


I see, thanks Kyokuji…

Yeah man, next event I’ll play some games… LOL, that’s if your Bison can get in on my Dhalsim…