Is there an alternative to Windows Live for SF4?


This service sucks soooo bad. Here are just a few reasons why:
*It lags.
*People have their frame rates and settings wrong (variable FR lol)
*You can’t chat with anyone, not even during a game. You can email them, assuming you can remember/type the name they have and have the patience to access the retarded menus.
*Its terrible.
*Windows and xbox basically just ported it over from the xbox version
*Its an annoyingly slow interface and hard to navigate

I mean it’s bad enough waiting 20 seconds for every super/ultra and starting/loading/restarting a match every time (which takes way too long). It just takes too fucking long to even play the game with all these menus and restarting and shit over and over.

I love how ggpo works, connect to a guy, say GGGL, play until your blue in the face, say GG and disc. Click another guy if you wanna challenge someone new.

Is there anything like that for SF4 yet (or in the works)?


you should leave your current life behind, move to Colombia, become a druglord, buy a Mac (they are expensive), have its exterior custom-plated with gold plus diamonds so that it matches your guns and teeth, and play KOF instead


it’s not Windows Live that lags. that is just a matchmaking system, the game itself is peer to peer

the framerate setting has nothing to do with Windows Live, it’s an in-game setting and it’s Capcom’s fault. avoid retards with slow computers at all costs.

yeah, chatting is limited with the message system, but you don’t have to remember and type the name of the player. just go to Players tab and the one you’re playing is on top. if he’s a friend, go to Friends tab.

anyway i feel you overall, GFWL has the console gaming syndrome. shit interface with limited functionality.

PS: there’s no alternative


It sucks though the visuals on PC are pretty damn sweet at highest specs. Also I don’t think you’ll be seeing any improvement in online because the game is practically forgotten, and capcom learned from SF4 not to release any further fighters on PC, not even on the piracy side of things