Is there an Arcade Machine for MvC3? Especially Japan


I hate to say this, but in USA, the arcade market is pretty weak so even IF MvC3 arcade machine don’t exist, (I hear it’s limited release) not too much of a hinderance since we moved on to online and console tourney gatherings.

However, in Japan, it’s different. They don’t take fighting games seriously that doesn’t have an arcade version. (e.g. SBO) I want to see japan take this game seriously so we get some international competition, but we won’t unless Japan at least have this game in every arcade machines like Street Fighter, Tekken, etc. (even Virtua Fighter, Melty Blood, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, etc.)

Wondering if MvC3 will have a SBO entry. (So USA can FINALLY win an SBO for once.) Along with good competition of internationals in Evo2011. (I mean, we’ve been hogging MvC2 world for 10 years. Even though that’s cool, i want to see some new fresh blood of countries trying to take the USA crown.)



Evo Japan will be console.

YouTube - SMOAI2010’s Channel

He’s uploading Japanese MvC3 vids.


as Mr. X pointed, there isnt an arcade version of MvC3, though Nitsuma expressed that he is interested on making one if the people demand it or something like that, now, is this gonna happen? only time will tell

on a side note, i ant to know why do you put “(even Virtua Fighter, Melty Blood, Guilty Gear, Blazblue, etc.)” considering that these games usually do a lot better than sf on the arcades :wonder:


Hmm, so SBO chances are low huh. I thought SF, Tekken was more mainstreamed then GG, BB, MBAA, Virtua, etc. I guess not in Japan though.

I was more concerned with SBO, then EVO Japan. SBO is the biggest tourney in Japan, along with America still haven’t won a single fighting game in that thing. (heck USA haven’t even advanced past round 2 if I’m correct.)


sf and marvel are only big on usa, the games that are popular vary from country to country
on japan tekken is usually at the top followed by BB/VF and other games

there are different sources, arcadia who seems to put sf4 always struggling to the top 10

and this one where its on the 4th place

the list on the page of arcadia is old as fuck, also note that does list BBCS and SF4 when ther are newer versions of both games since the last year