Is there an arcade with SSFIVAE at downtown Chicago?

I’m not going to work tomorrow. Instead, I think I’ll spend the day trying to relax and get rid of some negative thoughts I’ve been having lately. I’m going to do some skating and I’d LOVE to stop by an arcade, something I haven’t done in AGES. I remember going to an arcade at North Pier a looooooooooooooooooong time ago.I wonder if it’s still there and if they have AE.

Yes, I’ll do a little googling for an answer, but I figured I’d get this out here as well. I’d appreciate any help.

not downtown but Gameworks in Schaumburg has AE there

Thanks. :frowning:

Although I haven’t been yet, look for the Galloping Ghost. It’s closer then Schaumburgh. Check out there game lineup online. I believe it’s there. Just of the 290 exit first going South.

Thats PS3 based SSF4AE.

Your right! My bad! Schaumburgh it is then. That whole corner upstairs is basically all their fighting games I think.

Does anyone know how many AE cabinets and how much it cost to play?

this thread should be closed by now…you can ask all those questions or better yet the first few post in the Chicago thread might answer this.