Is there an easier way to shoryuken motion in games such as

mvc2, HDRemix, third strike with a fightstick? I seem to have trouble doing so on my hori stick…Maybe i’m doing it too fast thus making the movements not registering? Thanks in advance. Hope I described this right.

Try doing each direction of the :dp: motion slowly. Especially with the :d:direction you have to make sure you are at neutral down position, not :df: or :db:. From there you finish the movement by riding the gate to :df: (thus completing the motion) before guiding the stick back to neutral in a fast but smooth manner.

So basically:

Step 1: Move stick to :f:
Step 2: Cut corners in a literal sense by moving straight to neutral :d:
Step 3: Finish the motion by riding the gate to :df: and resetting the stick back to neutral.

its forward, down, down+forward

do it right, or dont do it. no, you arent doing it too fast. youre just used to sf4 and games like that, they let you do it by doing f,d,f, or df,df

:f::qcf:and press your button early, but it’s better just to get–well–better.

In 3rd Strike, you can do a DP with :d::df::d::df:.

No. This is why vets call SF4 things like “Mash Fighter” or "No-Execution Fighter 4"
No shortcuts.

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