Is there an easy way around the challenges, or cheats to unlock colours etc


THIS IS so boring, god I would pick going to school over sitting here going light punch medium kick etc. All I want is bisons costumes!


Bison’s trials were the easiest to me. . . you’re in a world of hurt kid. .

Surf around the character threads, they helped me a lot. there are no codes. You just have to work hard at it. I’ve finished all but Gen’s last one, but I worked hard to finish the rest. I remember spending 45 minutes till I got Ken’s Fourth hard trial. and about 2 hours doing blanka’s last one. I finally figured out when to charge. lol. NOW, I can do it within a minute.

Just practice, and visit the character threads to learn about linking hits and FADC.

Good luck!


You get the costumes from survival mode and the other fighting challenge. Just lariat your way through them with gief, actually non-stop lariat. If you have a turbo enabled controller leave turbo on, jam the buttons down and go watch TV.

The Alt costumes are DLC.

You can hack the combo trials on PC but on consoles those icons and titles mean something.


That’s all I have left, I just can’t do it.

I’ve got to the kicks at the end so many times, but I always time them wrong. I’ve kinda give up now, I do plan to get it done eventually.

And OP, if you just want the colours… do what Glasgowkiss said, mash Lariat.


Do what this guy said. Survival and timed become insanely easy if you just hold down KKK or PPP with Zangief.


im doing it right now


If you’re on PC you can just download and run the unlocker for all the colours and taunts.