Is there an "easy" way to get people into a new fighting game?

I recently got TvC since the only 2-D fighting game I’ve really ever gotten into was SSBM. I was hoping to broaden my horizons with traditional 2D fighters with this game.

Anyway, me and a few of my friends are long time melee players. I was hoping that they would be into trying a new fighting game as well, but mostly all of them say that its a stupid game and won’t play because I “practice” too much. While I do know a few bnb combos, I’m hardly that great.

Is there any other approach someone could suggest?

Not really much you can do if they think it’s a stupid game.

In before SSMB is not fighting game.

Let them play each other in the game instead of you just beating them down. Watch them while they play and instruct them on things they can do or shouldn’t do accordingly.

Chinese water torture?

SSBM isnt a fighting game :rofl:

Pay em to play?

Yeah, but really there is not a whole lot you can do if they dont like the game. Just get better, find people who do like it, play em, and maybe ya friends might end up joining in after seeing the fun.

Not really sure, i got my friends into Guilty Gear and Melty Blood just because they thought they were fun and cool. (they won’t touch SF for some reason though, prob lack of air dash lol.) Or you could all just play Brawl…It’s good for laughs.

super smash melty blood is not a fighting game. :slight_smile:

anyway, I can relate man. I used to play ssbm a lot back in the day and still play now.

I find success in showing people youtube videos of hype matches (yipes marvel matches, those hype evo/final round matches, east coast sf4 FADC commentary matches, socal 3s matches, homemadewaffles ssbm matches back in the day lol), or documentaries like I got next shortcut to get ppl into fighting games.if a friend of mine is generally interested I try to show ppl the scene first and that its not just dorky motherfuckers that play FGs, and the diversity of the scene itself. ( granted there are some dorky motherfuckers that play though lol.)

as far as just playing I noticed that its a lot easier to get ppl into ssbm ( I dont play brawl) than 2d FGs considering learning 2d fgs take a lot of dicipline to learn, and smash is generally more accessible, especially in my area.

For me, the best way to go about it is it get one of your friends to play it. Once you have him hooked then he’ll get two of his friends and then his two friends will get two of their friends so that it’s like… 10 people right there!

But seriously, just slowly win people over. TvC is a pretty fun game to get into and easy too. Show one guy, he’ll get into it and the others may follow.

melee is the closest thing mash has gotten to a fighting game, 64 is great too, both better than brawl :confused:

Anyway I got into sfiv by getting a fightstick. Once you have one, moves and combos become a lot easier. On a controller, you could nearly break your damn fingers doing some stuff

Look for a game that would attract them. There are a lot of different art styles in games and games that are both 3d and 2d.

Or you could play on GGPO that would stop them from complaining about buying games so they could practice if that’s the problem. Otherwise they just might be casual at heart and that’s why they only play Melee.

Maybe they’d feel more confident if you showed them Keits primer on TvC basics?

honestly, there is no easy way and there shouldnt have to be. if they want to pick up a game for real, they would. the fact that they say u “practice too much” shows that they were never really interested in taking the game serious an were jus playing for some shits and giggles imo.

I got my friends addicted to doing big damage combos. First I let them play sf4 however they wanted…so they pretty much jumped around and slammed on fierce buttons. I then showed them how to do a jumpin combo like>c.hp>srk and then they would spend the entire match trying to pull that off. Then I showed them how to AA so jumpins were a bad idea, so then they started learning footsies and started using grabs. Pretty much everything they learned stemmed off of trying to do cool jumpin combos.

Get new friends.

I got into SF on my own from watching youtube vids… Althought I still can’t do it, i still play this game even though I’m so slow at anti-airing half the time. I’m not sure if a friend of mine is seriously interested in SF or is willing to get ssfiv just to play with me or something. he came over and button mashed just about everything, in SF and brawl. I was wowwed that he didn’t have an incentive to learn to do hadokens and stuff even though it is easy as balls to do.

i think showing pro vids (omitting what casuals and noobs will find unentertaining) will draw them into the game.

Let them spend a few minutes in training before fighting so they can get a handle on the basics. Try fighting them with characters you don’t know. Let them fight each other a bit. And teach them stuff like “you keep getting hit by my jump-in, next time try dragon punching or blocking high”. Also, try going through arcade mode together a few times. Seems like if they can get into SSMB, they should be able to get into others. Unless they’re just button mashers.

Find new friends. If you dumb down your game for them your skills will suffer.

Get like, really, rediculously fucking good at Smash Bros. Just ruin the game for them. Then when they’re sick of getting owned suggest you play some SFIV.

Also, this. I’m actually going to try this with my friends.