Is there an octagonal or circle gate for the stock madcatz joystick?

i tried searching but nothing really came up.
i’m not really in the habit of replacing parts the aren’t broken but i am hating the square gate on the
stock madcatz se joystick. so with that being said would a replacement gate for a JLF-TP-8YT fit on the
stock madcatz joystick?


Yes it should, but unfortunately for you, there’s only an octo gate for the JLF.

There actually have been Circle gates that fit JLF’s too a guy on craigslist was selling one tha other day for 15 bucks

the gates the jlf uses will fit the se stick

have fun trying to take off the stock gate…

order a round gate for jlf or madcatz here

the video in my sig is me, that is the first time i did it