Is there an octagonal restrictor for LS-32?

I can only find the one for JLF…where can I get an LS-32 octagonal gate?

I don’t think there is one. Other than the JLF, there is one that fits the LS-56-01, LS-55-01, and LS-33.

I got a quick question while we`re on this topic here… is it ok to just take all the restrictors off the LS-32? The square gate that comes pre-equipped on the bottom is VERY annoying and I took it off so that the stick feels round when I move it. I LOVE IT this way, however, I do notice that the actuator is getting a little shaved up because if it getting scrapped up against the metal… is this normal? Or do I have to keep a restrictor on it at all times?

thanks guys.

Albedo, I took my light blue resistor and dremeled out the circular outline which is already traced on there for you, i play as if it has a circle gate on now. I wouldn’t play with both off because many users claim this could be harmful to your stick, and yes it does shave away at the actuator.

Perhaps you can use heat shrink tubing around the actuator to protect it? I saw someone else did that on another stick a long time ago I think.

I believe I saw a makeshift octagonal restrictor for seimitsu. It was made of metal.

Thanks for the reply Nareg(?)

Question about your custom restrictor… did you make the circle on your restrictor a little smaller then the actual hole? Or the exact same size?

Secondly, anyone have any other suggestions? maybe warp the actuator with duct tape of some sort? I saw this item on

can this work as a restrictor? (Whatever this is used for… looks like a restrictor)

Hi Albedo,
The light blue gate actually has a circular outline that goes around the square hole, i dremeled out exactly that path, which is about the same size as the hole for the joystick when there is no gate on at all.

Also, yes akihabara shop does have a circular resistor for the ls-32, the only downside is i believe he charges a 5 dollar flat handling fee and then shipping on top of that… it can kill the deal if you don’t need any other parts. Besides that the wait for shipping from japan is not for the impatient.

^ lol yeah actually, this is why I came here and asked here first because I saw that, and I was like… hey, that’s what I need!!! But when the total came up… it was like… 10 bucks CAD…

Then I thought I think it’s just better if I do something else that works without spending 10 bucks on something like this…

So far, I’m really thinking about just using the stock light blue restrictor and dremel a hole through it.