Is there an wasier way to pull of Raging storm?



I mean someone ho could pull off the move whenever they want ?


err… its best to learn the pretzel motion but you can also do:

hcbx2, df + p
hcbx3 + p

pretty ghetto, i use the hcbx2 motion in my CCs, but its all preference, so try em out and see which one you like…


just learn the actual motion. seriously. sure you may get it more consistant with the lame ways, but they just take way too long to get out. just learn the motion. try to actually land it as anti-air when you’re at the arcades and that alone will help you with your consistancy with it. personally i’m not that great at doing the RS but i don’t think anyone bust out :hcb:x3 on reaction to a jumpin. the key is really just trying to get it out right.


Play KoF96 and pick Geese, you’ll whip it out fast. J/K
I tried the Ghetto way but it takes waaay to long so Deus is right just learn the motion it’s better and you’ll get a few ohhs and ahhhs.


This pretty much the way u mant to learn it but d/b hcb d/f is the way u should be doing it for jump in. start ur self doing d/b hcb over and over when ur sitin on meter then when they jump d/f p watch out k groover can jd it easier than rocks. but if ur having trouble with that us hcbx2 dfp that hfbx3 p is dumb! also good shit is hcbx2 fd hk~p sweep Rasing Storm


STFU no one cares.


but isnt this special an instant special guiles?
so ud have to JD b4 the super even comes out.

I find rocks a bit easer to JD becuz theres a timing when he lets go and gives u enuff reaction time.

and usually ppl dont hold it down on reaction.


one u catch one hit u good but ? it depends on ur skilz ive see crazier shit


I can’t understand wtf you people are saying but w/e.
I use hcb hcb, dwn fwd. It’s safer i suppose. here’s what I do: go in training mode, pick Geese and then pick Sagat. Record Sagat jumping at you with RH and then try to RS him as anti air. Just keep on practicing it. Oh and RS on wakeup is easy so you can either RS on wake up or safe fall and then RS. But that’s only if your opponent whiffs normals or likes to jump a lot. RS recovers fast as hell so you can counter if you know the other guy is going to do some normal or special or super.

Oh and it’s Raging Storm. Capcom is just retarded.


its both actually. just depends on what year you got the translation. literally.

ive seen (all official)-
Raging Storm
Raising Storm
Raising A Sstorm. (yeah, raising a storm)

yeah. dumb. raging is the cool one.


If you’re going to combo the storm off (extremely useful with c.lp x3 [or 2 or 1],… it’s the only way to do it…




qcb, f (hold), hcb, df+P If you use it this way, it comes out really consistently.


My preference is the hcbx2, df+P version, but I haven’t played Geese in a while and when I do I rarely use Raging Storm unless it’s on wake-up. I’m kind of a scrub with Geese, or at least I prefer c.fierce for anti-air.

Honestly, though, I would try to learn the pretzel motion. Draw out the motion for the super on something like a piece of paper, and you’ll see that it looks a lot like drawing a pretzel. Think about it that way while doing the motion, and it gets surprisingly easy.


if you can get an opening to combo raging storm, your better off combo’in into deadly rave, unless your trying to be fancy with a “Finest KO” then shot the J. btw c.lp x3, xx raging storm does not combo. c.lp, xx raging storm combos anywhere. c.lp x2, xx raging storm combos only in the corner. Any1 else saying that xx raging storm is a combo is shittin themselves cause you can’t hitconfirm that. Just stick with the actual motion cause it helps when you wanna kara cancel storm for far jump ins that a c.fierce cant handle, or running storm. there are gaps in the pretzel motion to shortcut so that kara storm n running storm become a lot easier.



None of the shortcuts work for me - I use a keyboard, so I can’t do a pretzel or any of the other ways. Is there a “keyboard-friendly” command for RS?


I understand your pain. Geese is one of my favorite SNK characters and it hurts me to be practically unable to do the damn Raging Storm using the keyboard - at least consistently.
It’s hard to do even when using a stick. I remember doing an Ultimate KO in a real Arcade by using it to counter Yamazaki’s Guillotine, but it was one of the few times I could pull it off correctly and at the right time.

It should’ve had the Real Bout 2 motion (F-HCF) at least since KOF 96, where SNK began to stop using weird motions for DMs.