Is there any chance that

I’ll EVER be able to find this factory sealed:

I’d say I’ve been searching the internet for hours at a time for about a week now, and haven’t found any sign of that product being in stock. Is there any hope? :sad:

Trade forum?

Please stop with the SFIII:Limited edition shit (or just the random SFIII threads in general). It’s getting quite old. I don’t even think you could find it used anyway, let alone factory sealed… IN BEFORE LOCK!

That would seem too much like an informal purchase. I mean, come on - buying something from a random guy in a forum?! I don’t think so!

I would think that this thread would lead to good conversation about how to find it. This is Shoryuken - this is the place to ask where to find it. Everyone on here is such an asshole…

Well considering you couldn’t come up with a more ambiguous thread title than “Is there any chance that…”, I wouldn’t expect a whole lot if I were you.

i’ve got a copy that’s been unopened. how much you willing to pay?

If it’ll stop the madness… then by all means, BUY IT!!!

Sure, I’ll believe that you have a copy, but that you controlled yourself by not opening it? No.


Try Yahoo Japan


how much do they usually go for?

whats the difference between this and the version on AE anyway other than the box art?

comment had me rolling:rofl:

this guy posted in the wrong forum section. Go to trades man. He might have to break and arm or two to get something like that though

Everyone isn’t being an asshole. The truth is, you make too many fucking threads. And as if it isn’t bad enough that you make so many threads, you make this one with the vague subject line “Is there any chance that…”. How are people supposed to know what the thread is about without clicking on it? You need to avoid making threads with subject titles like that, as it gives even less of a chance that anybody will be able to help. Something like “Where to find the JP PS2 3rd Strike Limited Edition?” would be a better subject line, although this is obviously a thread that’s better off for the Trading Outlet, not Fighting Game Discussion.

Also, you seem to instantly turn down anyone that might have a copy for sale, because you obviously would rather buy this from a store, as evidenced by your “searching the internet for hours at a time”. If you haven’t found it at an online store by now, do you honestly think you’re going to find it? It’s a Limited Edition that was released three years ago. They’re not going to make any more. If you didn’t get it while they were being sold, you’re shit out of luck and need to find someone who’s selling one.

Hell, you just turned down someone that said they had an unopened copy because you don’t believe that they managed to “control” themselves by not opening it. You don’t believe that people leave Limited Editions of games (and other things) sealed, ever? Sometimes people do that because once they sell out, they’ll often go for way over the retail price and then they can turn a profit. I don’t really agree with buying things like that just to turn a profit, but it’s not like there’s anything I can do about that, it’s their money and they can spend it how they want. Let’s face it though - if you want this Limited Edition that badly, you’re going to have to suck it up and buy it from someone that has a copy. You’re not going to obtain it otherwise, no matter how many threads you make about it.

Every single one of the OP’s threads is destined for failure. It’s a [hilarious] curse.

HAHAHA. Jesus christ this guy needs to be kept around just for laughs. Unbelievable! :rofl::rofl:

i saw it on ebay a couple of weeks ago, brand new, i think it was for 100 dlls


Try posting it in the right place next time…