Is there any godlike guides on playing a fireball character in footsies? even if its super oldschool

Anything exist like this ? I feel like Im horrible with ryus fireballs overall and if Im going to play him I want to actually be great at using it.

I made a whole host of stuff for Sagat in SF4. If Ryu becomes my main ( which I think he will) I might make a few videos explaining some of the concepts for playing characters like these and just general strategy.

The forums in the early days of a new game become flooded with the same questions so a master thread of some sort is always a good idea too.

Most important thing is to learn to use the HP fireball as a poke up close, just a tad outside the range of your opponent’s favorite normal. (this is character and player dependent). This is because it’s hard to jump over by reaction it comes at you so fast. Any further than this, you should only throw LP fireballs sparingly as bait due to faster recovery and anti air every jump, once they’re afraid of jumping, they’ll have to just walk forward and block to bulldog you into the corner. Of course, at full screen away, throw any version you like, just beware of any fireball bypass moves like Karin’s hop. Just before you hit the corner, move forward, jump, and air tatsu out. Rinse and repeat. Once you get the spacing down, you’ll be able to kill wth just hadoukens :).

I watched about 4 of your guides recently, useful knowledge man.

In case anyone ever drops by, this guide is really amazing.