Is there any good canadian arcade parts distibutors?


I can’t find any decent arcade parts distributors in canada?
I just wanted to order some joysticks, seimetsu/ sanwa buttons and maybe a pcb, but I can’t seem to find a decent site. anyone know of any?


Hey I just created that thread for this exact reason! Lizardlick is great for parts and they ship to Canada for cheap


What part of Canada are you in? Do you want to pick up stuff, or just want a Canadian online store?

I got my stick and buttons locally from Starburst Coin in Montreal. They only get Sanwa and Happ, and they have a deal on 8 buttons (30mm, 24mm or mix) with a JLF for 50$. Locally, the choice of colors is not as good as at their online store .

I had seen a link to this online store on the forums too Buttons Looks promising, but haven’t tried it yet.

I know it isn’t what you want to hear, but for selection/prices, buying locally might not be the best choice. I started with Starburst/Playdium because I wanted to get everything in one place and was very willing to compromise on brands. If you don’t mind waiting, I’d price out things at Akihabarashop and FocusAttack. The price difference even after shipping isn’t big, and you’ll get exactly what you want.

– edit - I just saw JMro’s link. Great stuff!


don’t forget about the playdium store in toronto


I recently learned that starburst and Playdium store are the same thing!