Is there any hope in SNK's patch fixing the online?

Its very frustrating how poor KOF XIII’s online is, its always smooth, but there can be massive input delay. Its especially bad compared to SFIV AE, where you can play for hours and never find a laggy match.

I was just wondering if a network patch has ever fixed the online for a game? I know a lot of patches claim to fix the online, but have SNK or any company managed it?

It’s a coin flip. Last kof, people claimed the patch made it better, but others said it didn’t do a damn thing.

Same situation as this game… I’m still on the fence on buying this game due to the shitty online.

You know? I’ve made it a point to only play Greens or guys I know. 9 times out of 10 a Green is going to be pretty good. Rarely have I played friends (who I know for a fact are not on wireless, torrents, or dial up) where it was unplayable. It definitely needs tweaking though. It’s really hard to run in and block a poke or projectile on reaction, do a wakeup attack that’s invincible and shouldn’t be hit out, and sometimes combos drop.

Atlus confirmed that SNKP are working on a patch so lets cross our fingers.

I have hope as it is always smooth, its just the input is delayed. I’m not playing randomers either, i’m playing people who are full green on AE. We then go play KOF XIII, and everyone drops to 2 or 3 bar, and its … bad.

When I do find 4 bar its excellent, but I feel like those people must live on my street haha

Fingers crossed, for real. But at least they’re trying to fix it.

when has a patch fixed online? never. you’d have to completely rewrite the engine. snk just sucks.

The improvement with the XII was quite amazing so I have some hope.

But it wasn’t amazing enough to keep people playing it, to be honest.

I thought the patch for XII didn’t help very much, it just gave it mucho input lag.

I think people had written XII off before the patch was released. SNKP tried to give KOF the SFIV treatment and that did not go over very well. XII was also more forgiving in iputs and didn’t have as intense a combo system as XIII so was a bit more online friendly.

After patch XII was still pretty terrible.

That said when XIII is good it’s MUCH better. And I believe they’ve already confirmed a patch was on its way?

Tekken 6. And nice enthusiasm.

tekken 6 sucks online

Damn I broke down and bought it. After playing the demo a bit, I think SNK did a very good job with this game. They deserve my money regardless of it’s shit netcode. Last time I had this much fun in a fighter was in Guilty Gear…

Guess we’ll see how they patch the online, if it’s still crap… then skullgirls.

Im not sure if it can fix it
just hoping it will make it easier to find 3-4 bars.

If you’re expecting a total overhaul of the netcode I doubt it. More then likely, it will fix the problem with the bar system being unreliable in finding good matches, a few silly quirks like lag on particular moves, and the input delay on ranked matches. Other then that I am not expecting much more. If it happens then I’ll be elated.

Honestly, over in europe after releaseday it’s been great. That or I’ve just gotten used to how the online is but I can generally punish stuff now and pull off my scrub-combos at least.

Only issue being I keep running in to the same people pretty much, playerbase feels very small. But then again I have 4 bars only as connection requirement on my playermatch room. If the netcode patch can improve on something that already feels solid to me, I’ll be one happy camper!

I haven’t had many problems playing people online. Yellow occasionally gives a bit of an issue, but even my red matches tend not to be too bad. Certainly haven’t had much problem with input delay or anything of the sort. It could use some tweaking definitely, but for me it’s been solid so far.

I wish I could experience a 4 bar match.

3-bars are the best I get, and most of the time they end up turning to 2 :sad: