Is There any hope?

Hi recently bought sf4 2 weeks ago since i sold it last year. I bought it to train for ssf4. Over the past 2 weeks its like all my training and work goes to waste. Yea i get a few wins here and there but i constantly get my ass kicked. Its like what was the point of training for these 2 weeks. I am a pad player so i had to figure out i’ll never be good using shoto’s im only good with charge chars. Im decent with balrog but i feel as if when ssf4 comes out ill be maining deejay or guile. Is there anyway im going to get better? I do plan on buying the se fightstick but not atm. This topic may sound like im bitchin but i do not know where else to turn

You just gotta keep practicing. It’s gonna be hard at the beginning, especially if you’re new to fighting games.

Take a minute after a loss and figure out why you lost, and try to come up with strategies to defeat them. Training mode is your friend.

Two weeks is not a lot of training … especially when most of the people playing SF4/SSF4 have been playing since release, not to mention that many have experience with other FG’s as well.

Bottom line is, if you want to improve you have to stick with it. There is nothing else that will make you good besides just sitting down and playing the game.

you could start by stop feeling sorry for yourself and just keep going

If you feel that any experience can actually go to waste then maybe this isnt the hobby for you

Yes…stop bitching and keep practicing.
You only trained for 2 weeks… I bet you you are getting owned by opponents who’ve been playing for months at the very least.
And you are using pad.

Don’t expect to be good in a few weeks…especially if you late to the game.

Really…you might as well start over with Super SF4 when that comes out.

Thanks for the advice but i mean im an average player. I can pull off bnb’s FADC into ultra’s and stuff but its like when it comes to online all my efforts go down i really wanted to main someone like Ken, Cody, Akuma, or guy but that sounds as if it will never happen. I guess the problem would be me working on my executions better and knowing how to control the situation. I mean i already finished all trials for akuma and on Bisons hard trial 5 so my execution isnt that week.

Execution is just the start. Learning how to actually play takes a lot longer. No point knowing a combo that does 50 hits if you don’t know how to land the first one.


And as far as trials go, they are flawed. Sure, you might have finally finished a hard trial, but can you do those combos 100% every time? If you truly want to have strong execution you have to practice your combos until they come out perfect each time, not just once. Like Desi said, Execution is just a starting point, but it’s a critically important aspect.

You say you have a decent Balrog - do you know his matchups? Do you know which characters a cr.short will connect on after an overhead? Do you know any of his frame data or frame traps?

There’s a rather steep learning curve for fighting games, and 2 weeks of practice is a good start - but there’s much more to learn.

Ive had sf4 since release and I only teter between 3000 and 3500 bps with Cammy may be cause I win a lot and when i lose like twice i pretty much undo all of my points i just won. Balrog actually is a good character may be you ll do better with him. Sometimes you just wont be good at a game. Couldnt hurt to keep on trying. I had fun losing and figuring out what went wrong but of course i didnt figure out much or else i would have more points. Also, Find out what your doing wrong and try to fix it. Practice combos and punishing opponents mistakes with damaging combos with te training dummy. Also work on ultra setups and experiment with other characters to see which ones you can use and narrow it down til you find your character.

you might as well learn how to rock a stick while your sucking.

Keep playing, you’ll need experience that will be built as you keep playing and playing.

I found that going into Player Match and fighting people better than you helps. At first you’ll be getting your ass kicked, but as you try new tactics and strategies, you start picking up wins here and there. Don’t be afraid of a 0 to 20 record in a Player Match lobby, losing is part of learning.

You’re a fucking EMO

I’m kinda in the same boat as you, im a beginer though so of course i get my @$$ handed to me online, Add me and we can practice together in Endless battle.

I am a pad player, and can hang with some of the best of them. I came to the realization that 90% of the time you get beat, is cause you let yourself get beat.

I was fighting a pretty decent Seth player. I kept eating his J. FP like no tomorrow after a blocked attack. I jump in and got SRK’ed to death. After the first 2 losses, I realized that he was the weather man, getting the forecast spot on each time. I was telegraphing what I was going to do each round. On the third bout, I rush but tried to mix up a little. Nothing complex, but became reactive vs. toolshed - hope this works cause I saw it in a vid.

Two weeks is not enough time to get yourself in a rut. First day playing, I met a guy and beat me 25 - 0. Ego blow, HELLZ YEAH, but I added him on PSN because playing people that aren’t as good as you won’t develop you as a fighter. Took me about 50+ hours before I could start feeling the game. I had 400+ hours in SF4 and still get rocked every once in a while.

Focus on the fundamentals and keep playing. You got it


honestly though 2 weeks is barely any time at all to invest into a fighter. I would suggest u start looking at months and years rather than weeks to gauge your progress

Realize that you’re competing with people who live SF4. When they aren’t playing, they’re thinking about it, watching videos, reading about it. When they’re sleeping, they’re dreaming about it. Some of them are autistic, borderline autistic or obsessive-compulsive. If they aren’t mentally ill, then maybe they’ve been playing fighting games for 10 or 20 years and have a level of experience that you can only dream of. I’m not saying you shouldn’t improve yourself, but are you willing to spend all of your free time playing a game just to compete with some dudes on Xbox Live?

This is why I think an online training mode would be useful. It’d allow you to practice with random people without getting crushed 10 seconds into a round. It would make the learning process much less frustrating.

Yeah basically this. And all the other quoted posts with “This.” under them. You may have done yourself a disservice by picking vanilla up because of the changes in Super, but – and i’m not trying to be mean here, just telling it like it is – you don’t sound like you’re really going to notice many of the technical fine points. BnBs and trials aren’t anything compared to real experience, and if you think you’re not getting any good experience from getting your ass handed to you, you’re wrong. Pay attention to what’s going on in every fight instead of playing to just try and beat some guy and you’ll start to appreciate getting schooled.

If you’re playing just to beat everybody, you will be disappointed, because there are a lot of people to beat. And they’ve been practicing a lot longer than two weeks.

Probably the best way to learn a fighting game is to get together with some friends (preferably with at least one person who knows what they’re doing) and just mess around. Learn by doing will get you to the point where you can compete with most people online. After that, it’s just figuring out the different moves that characters can throw at you and how to avoid and counter them.

Bottom line: don’t give up! Fighting games take time to learn.

And who cares whether you use a stick or a pad. It’s all about what’s comfortable for you.

block more. you don’t need to always be pressing buttons, and getting thrown usually isn’t a big deal.

if you manage to stay alive for 70 seconds out of the match instead of 35, then you’re improving