Is there any possibility someone will develop a PS3 to PS2 Adapter?


Just wondering if anyone has heard of anything like this in development i know the best days of PS2 have passed but with so many PS2 fighting games out and the lack of BC PS3’s Plus all the great new Sticks out now like the SFIV TE stick I know there’s always the choice of pad hack or toodles PCB but it would be great if there was just a simple adapter I was just wondering if it’s even plausible


If companies do not see turnover in it, they will skip on it.
At this point I would go for Project Boxes.


how do project boxes work as adapters? I have seen people do project boxes to convert a Saturn pad to a ps2 pad but that’s was a permanent thing is it possible to make a project box adapter?

They are basically adapters.

You have the modify the joy stick so that the contacts are directly connected to a (for example) DB15 connector.
That connects to:
In the project box goes a Printed Circuit Board of a controller of your choosing,
which will also be connected to a (for example) DB15 connector.
That connects to:
Video-Game console.

That way you can use your joy stick on any video-game console you want.


Oh that’s cool but you still have to Mod a joystick by removing the PCB which kind of sucks


You’ll find nowadays that nothing comes as easy as it used to. Gone are the days of god tier Innovation Adapters and Sticks that you could adapt to every system. Now it’s just as simple as: Build a project box, do a dual PCB mod, or buy another stick.