Is there any real difference?

Is there any real diffence between the HARP and HARP2 besides the colors.


  • Can be modded with any type of Sanwa/Seimitsu button (Snap or Screw-in)
  • Ver. B (non-mirror top) needs a little modding before putting in a Seimitsu stick
  • Button placement is like the player 2 side for most Japanese cabs


  • X button can’t be modded with a Sanwa screw-in unless it has a Seimitsu nut.
  • Stick is closer to buttons when compared to HRAP1
  • Button placement is like the Player 1 side for most Japanese cabs

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The button layout is different




I like the HRAP2 layout better.

Buttons and joystick are the same.

Basically the colors and the shape the buttons are placed in.
HRAP1 is Player 1 Arcade style (parallel diagonal shape).
HRAP2 is Player 2 Arcade style (parallel arch shape).

Parts are the same as well, though the HRAP1 has 2 different metal brackets for the joystick installation. The earlier HRAP1, which had a mirror top that was easily scuffed and scratched, has the same brackeet as the HRAP2 (able to fit a Seimitsu or Sanwa without any real hassle), or so I hear. The later revision of HRAP1, has a mesh finish to the metal plate similar to the HRAP2, but the bracket can only fit Sanwa JLFs.

If you want to read more, read the FAQ about Hori sticks stickied at the top of the tech forum.

Thats guys il read the faq for more info.

I thought it was the other way around o_O. The cabs at Family Fun Arcade and Arcade Infinity have Player 1 - HRAP2 shape and Player 2 HRAP1 shape. Forgot what type cabs they are though.

Actually, it’s a common misconception. The HRAP1 actually resembles the Neo Geo cab layout. While the HRAP2 has the 1 player side layout (found on Astro City panels, for example), the only stick that has the 2 player side layout is the Agetec.

See the difference here:

Note that the top and bottom row are alot further apart on the Agetec/2 player side layout, and the light punch/kick buttons are lower down in relation to the other four buttons. On the HRAP1, the equivalent buttons are almost in a straight line, kinda like an American cab layout!

Most HRAP1s that I’ve seen put their plugs in L1/L2 since the right 6 buttons more closely resembles the Player 2 side.

Well, I guess this guy doesn’t like them this way. I actually just tried using the inside six buttons instead on my HRAP1, and it does actually feel closer to the 2 player side because the L buttons are lower down, just like the light punch/ light kick buttons are on an Astro City/Agetec.