Is there any real good use for Bisons Phsyco Vanish?

Bison is one of my best character ( i use him in K) and i have no freken idea on any good ways to use the Phsyco Vanish i now it knock some character out of their Super attacks, and you can absorb projectiles but is there really and other good use for it.
I have also tried standing over them and using it right when they try to get up but it rarely works.

If anybody has any insight on this move and it uses i would be very pleased:D

A groove custom combo

I know its good for custom combos but is there any other real useful way to use it

It’s a good up close RC, other than that, use it for chip damage.

RC on wakeup is pretty good.

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Well if you weren’t using him on K I’d say that it’s great for building meter in a few other grooves. At a safe distance whipping out one or two psycho vanishes builds a shitload of meter.

might as well just whiff’s safer, and just as good.

Hey thanks for all the info

Yeah i know that there probably wasnt anything that you could do with that move on k. But after this Texas Showdownb tournament im gonna switch my groove to N.
THANKS AGAIN!!! :smiley:

after a low jump you can cancel into a lp version for a bit of block damage , gaurd damage or a combo if you hit with the jump attack.

cross up, P.vanish then run, walk or hop forward -> tick throw

That shit only works on you.

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well like it can be used as an anti air kind of…not a GREAT one really.
but yea…building meter, CC, I guess use it for a meaty attack if your opponent has NO good wakeups? RC psycho vanish is not bad I guess…

IMO, the best use of psycho-vanish is on my C-bison; when I jump in, c.long then lvl2 scissor nightmare, and my opponent blocked it, it would seem that bison is open no?.. but actually he isn’t! After performing lvl2, by the time bison sweeps, the opponent cannot punish you until after the sweep. If you timed the landing correctly, you can actually use backward psycho vanish after so, preventing your opponent from grabbing you etc. Bottom line: I use backward KKK psycho vanish after my lvl2 scissorkick nightmare if it is blocked, and I’m 90% punish free! With regards to K-bison, well, maybe you can run up to your opponent and vanish before he stood-up, kinda like a fake or sumthin’. Go figure…

That’s the Bison warp, not the psycho vanish. The psycho vanish (I swear, it’s supposed to be banish…what with Japanese b’s being the same as v’s) is dp + p, the one that nullifies fireballs.

As for his teleport, it might be invincible at start up, which would help against crossups/pressure situations.

I think you could use it to take out the guard bar but it’s not really useful. Uh the obvious use is to stop fireball spamming but you can do that with RCs. Oh about the teleport, does anyone use it after a knockdown?

i use it alot after knockdown.
i use it to bait supers or build meter, its actuly one of his best moves if you ask me

jab PV buffers from a jab, if blocked or if it connects it builds decent meter. on wakeup if you can rc it, its good. but if you do it too slow the oppenent can just throw you out of it so its always good to do it early.

in kgroove… personaly i think bison without a bucket of paint just isn’t bison

the teleport is good in the corner. if you land a knockdown in the corner, or lets safe after a CC. tele into the corner then do a devils reverse. its a good crossover, and if you get it off a knockdown and still got a full bucket, you can activate with into painting

other then that most garbage teleport ever

Oh… I get it… so, Psycho Banish is the dp+p and the teleport was just plain “teleport”? I thought the teleport IS the Psycho “vanish” and the dp + P is called Psycho Smash… my bad.