Is there any reason MOST of you prefer balltop sticks?

Ive seen many many customs sticks. and about 70-80% of them were ball top sticks. WTF?! is the fighting genre not competitive enough for competition sticks? or is there a reason why you guys like to make things harder for yourselves?

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this is because 80% of people here prefer the sanwa jlf. It has a ball top thus why there are so many of them. And the look cooler and you have more color choices.

I used to prefer bat tops but then I realized I don’t like baseball. Plus, ball tops feel just less ackward now.

I find it easier to pull-out moves using a ball-top, personally.

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I just copy the Asian players so I go with whatever they consider best.

So used to ball tops, I can’t seem to play with other types, or hold them right.

A lot less stiff.

Well, not only are japanese sticks superior input devices (Though preference can outway technical mechanical advantages – and for some reason even some people who use japanese sticks prefer happs for Marvel :O), but, even if i was using a happs stick, i’d probably what a ball top, since I don’t need to (or want to) grab a stick with my whole damned fist. :stuck_out_tongue:

My Neo Geo cab has competitions and theyre not bad, but when Im sitting down with a stick on my lap, bat tops feel more unwieldy . Plus every commercial console stick I own came with a ball top and I just got used to them.

is there suppose to be a reason why?

after like a bijillion threads of “OMG I DON’T SEARCH AT ALL WICH STIX IS BETTER” and the a bijillion replies of “…dude use the search button, oh and it’s personal preference” You’d think everyone would know by now that all stick parts of custom stix that a person uses is based off of personal preference

Because we want to.


Superior for

The vast, vast majority of people who use Japanese sticks use them only because they were the only option available at the time or because they just didn’t think their Japanese-fanboy-dom would have been strong enough without them. I’ve only met a couple people in all my travels who started on American sticks and switched to Japanese sticks out of a belief that Japanese sticks were actually better.

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I’ve never liked bat tops and pretty much every joystick I’ve bought for my gaming systems over the years have had ball tops, so why change now?

OTOH, everyone I’ve met who’s tried Happ (or Happ clones) never wanted to touch them again. (Too stiff.)

Some things probably can’t be left to preference though. More effort is needed to tap down on a Happ than on a Sanwa.

I play lots of marvel in US arcades and i play it ok, but mostly because for that game im using a whole lot of strength/dont have “time” to consider what im doing, i just need to take certain actions ASAP and the competition stick works perfectly for that. however, i play every other game on a balltop and it feels much more comfortable because i dont need to put much effort or stress to stay on top of things

that’s just me

Balltops: they look like candy, they remind me of Pacman, and they feel like playing a video game.

Battops: they look ugly, they are bigger and more stiff, and is essentially a penis…that somehow controls your character on the screen.

I’ve always used Happ style sticks but wanted to try Jap sticks for my arcade cabinet refit. I bought some JLFs and bought the bat style tops for them (thanks LizardLick). I do not have small hands and have always used bat tops so I figured they would be perfect for me.

After playing around with both style tops and comparing them to Happ comps I’ve found that:

  1. I much prefer the performance and feel of the JLFs.
  2. I like the ball tops better than the bat tops. Even after paying extra for bat style tops.

Now, I am absolutely terrible at fighting games. And I’m not trying to copy Asian players, I don’t know who the top players are let alone what hardware they use. These are just my findings after doing a direct comparsion.