Is there any reason to continue to force players to plink?

With the new version of the game coming up, I feel compelled to chime in about this. I’m sure a lot of people will call me a scrub for this but I don’t really care.

Effectively, plinking gives you one extra frame to input a link by using the input leniency in the game (which was probably designed to allow for easier EX moves). In order to hit 1 frame links consistently it is an extremely useful technique and in many cases is practically required.

Would it cause serious harm to the game to implement an extra 1 frame input buffer for normals that duplicates the functionality of a plink without requiring the extra inputs? Input buffers have been used in many games before, including Killer Instinct, Blazblue, most 3D fighters, and (I think?) Street Fighter X Teken.

I can’t think of any downside.

is there really any difference? (legit question, not rhetorical)

Well its the difference between having to input the plink every time vs. having the buffer occur automatically.

Also depending on how its implemented the buffer may work in situations where plinks don’t like like linking Vega’s jabs together but you could easily program it not to do so.

You don’t have to plink. You can just tap the attacks one by one.

Doing 1 frame links without plinking is prohibitively difficult. There’s a good reason most pro players use plinking.

You don’t have to plink. You can just tap the attacks one by one.

People have been doing it for decades. It’s not hard when you train your muscle memory.

That doesn’t mean they can’t make it slightly easier.

It is already very easy compared to other games to be honest.

If by ‘other games’ you mean 3rd strike and ST, then yeah.

If you mean most any other fighting game that has ever existed, the no. Most games have either input buffering or chain cancels (SFxT has both) to make execution less of a chore, although its still important.

You can trick the game into giving you a 1 frame input buffer by using plinking but consistently plinking is a whole 'nother skill you have to learn just to do basic B&Bs for some characters.

SFxT doesn’t have input buffers for normals.

How about you just hit training mode?

Why do people want to be spoon fed so damn much these days? Yeah let’s chain shit because linking is too hard.

Seriously, SF is a deep game, I want to feel like I accomplished something when I truly mastered some of the techniques, not just pick it up and do every combo with barely any practice put into it.

I play Seth no need to worry about 1F links

Understand this. Plinking is optional. It helps. It is not required.

You know what happens if they give a 1 frame buffer? I’ll still plink it. Now my 2 frame window is 3 frames.

Just leave it be. The only thing worth doing that on is light attacks making plinking possible there. Otherwise plinking is stupid easy (on stick at least).