Is there any session in Boston?


I recently moved to Boston (I’m in the jamaica plain area) for school/work and I don’t know where to look for people to play. The games I play are KOF XIII & Melee but I can play a little bit of SSF4. PM me for my fb/phone number


Well, there’s Game Over in Cambridge, MA at Doyle’s on Tuesdays - though it currently is undergoing renovations, so that’s closed for the time being. Apparently, they temporarily moved to the Doyle’s at Kendall Square - but when I went there, I didn’t find them.

The only other one that I know of is at the Good Life Bar (also on Tuesdays), which is located in Downtown Crossing.

Other than that, Game Underground in Framingham is probably your best bet - there’s a community in Fall River too iirc.


there’s a session in the Good Life Bar? Really? Didn’t see that one coming

Game Over was on hiatus until tonight from what I understand. Don’t know with the weather tonight but it usually gets a good turnout.
There’s a monthly tournament at Game Underground in Framingham this Saturday if you can get a ride out.

Check out too!


^ What he said.

Might head to GU this weekend. Wanna come/carpool?


Alright you peeps.

Don’t know if you already know this, but Game Over has moved locations (yet again) to Somerville. Check the facebook link the guy above me linked for more details.

Meeting tomorrow at 6. If this location is better suited for you, you honestly did not know this, or you’re a (eastern) MA player who’s been looking for another scene closer to home, then ya should come.


I go to Game Underground now and then; it’s a great place for fighting game casuals and tournaments, plus it’s one of the only places I know of around that has a IIDX machine, Tricoro last time I was there. Also, I’m trying to organize a tournament just north of Boston, hoping to feature some older games like KoF XI, 3rd Strike, Arcana Heart, or really just whatever attendants have in mind. PM me if you’re interested, I’ll give you my number or FB, whatever works!


Hi, I’m new to the fighting game scene and was wondering if there were anybody close by in Randolph or in Boston (where my school is) that could help me better myself or just play for fun.


Good life it’s a bar downtown boston they meet up every Tuesday 6pm-12 trying to get a fighting game scene going