Is there any stick similar to the Q4RAF for these current gen consoles?


I’m looking to get back into fighting games now, and I really liked the idea of a stick being compatible with both consoles + PC right out of the box. I liked the build quality of it too. I know HORI HRAPS have a similar build, but I want the option of dual mod right out of the box, if possible.


Nope. Your option is to get a Brook Universal PCB and throw it into a case.


Every PS4 stick is PC compatible out of the box, so if that’s what you want, then you already have the answer. Buy a Hori Rap4 Kai. They can not be used under an xinput required game directly (The only game I know of right now that only supports xinput controllers is street fighter 5), but a driver based solution (without input lag added) is XOutput 0.11.

All Xbox One and Xbox 360 sticks work on the PC, with MS drivers installed (assuming you don’t run into the busted trigger button issue), but there are no premade joysticks that support PS4 and Xbox One at the same time. You will need to mod one with a Brook UFB.


Its not the only option to get multi console support, but its the only option to get all-in-one PS3/PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One support all on the same board.
otherwise you have to do a dual-mod.

There nothing like the Q4RAF for the current Gen console market, everything right now has to be modded for multiconsole.
And if you think about it the Q4RAF and other Qanba sticks came rather late the last console generation, which was rather long for a console generation.


There’s nothing to play on XBox One though.


MS version of Smash bros I mean Killer Instinct 2013.




Figured if he wanted something dual modded out of the box that he didn’t want to do it himself which is why I only suggested Brook UFB.


Eightarc (who rebrands qanba sticks for the US market) mentioned that new models will be available in July. Qanba also teased the next gen Q5 at evo last year…


Also on PC.

New Qanba.

Also note that it’s officially licensed now.


I highly doubt those sticks are Dual-mode Universal sticks like the Q4 was.
From what I saw the new Qanba sticks are Sony licensed sticks, meaning its restricted to the usual PS3/PS4 functionality the Mad Catz and Hori Sticks been.

We are not going to see a Qanba/Eight Arc PS3/PS4/Xbox 360/ Xbox One stick any time soon, not if they want to still have that Sony license.


Yep, and which means some people will still want to multi console mod them, e.g. with a Brook UFB, so Brook will still get their customers.
Assuming those are Sanwa parts, I’m sure Qanba will make a nice chunk of money, as after all, the people who PCB mod/dual mod joysticks make up less than 1% of their market (a bigger portion do regular stick or button modding), but at least Brook won’t have to worry about competition from retail multi-mod controllers.

It’s good to see Qanba coming out with licensed controllers, but can they really find customers, with Hori and madcatz’s huge grip in the PS3/PS4 market?
What does the Q5 offer, that the Hori Rap4 KAI or TE2+ doesn’t offer? (the Rap4 VLX has no competition anywhere).


Get a model for which Jasen has or intends to have an easy mod solution for installing the Brook Universal Fighting Board. :slight_smile:


New PS4 sticks looks like their N1, the one with the suction cups


Damn that sucks. That design is horrible. I might look into the Hori then. There’s a game stop that can get me a Madcatz TE-S+, but after the TEs, I’m not really a fan of madcatz sticks. They’re a little too heavy, and too bulky for my tastes, and their contours make my wrists hurt. But the hori and q4raf design was perfect.



I think you want to show a picture of the Drone, not the Carbon.
The Carbon isn’t PS4.


The New Drone is not a cross platform stick like the Q4 was.


Should we start a Qanba Drone and Carbon thread?


Of course, but would anyone even buy this thing? The Q4 set itself apart by the neutral design, felt bottom and carrying handle, until the TE2+ (IIRC) also came with that type of bottom. So what sets this stick apart from the PS4 licensed crowd? What does this have to offer that the Rap4 Kai hayabusa or TE2+ don’t? Price? Portability?

Does this stick even use Sanwa parts? Or the Qanba clones the Q1 used?