Is there any way I can get back with this chick?


So i went to a party last weekend and ended up drinking a lot. I met this girl and she was super cute. We ended up hitting it off. One thing led to another and next thing I knew she was dragging me upstairs to go somewhere “a little more private”. On the way up I realized I haven’t had sex in 4 years, I was in no way prepared for this. I couldn’t let her know I was inexperienced, so about 30 seconds into actually getting naked I was licking out her butthole, fishooking her mouth and rubbing what I think was her clitoris…all at once.

She freaked the hell out, had the nerve to call ME a freak, put her clothes on and stormed out. I was really drunk at this point so I stumbled out of the room and shouted “What’s wrong ma? Can’t handle the PoonDestr-” then I tripped. Next thing I knew It was the next morning and I was back at a friends apartment.

I found the girl on facebook, is there any way I can make up for this? I really liked her.


What if that girl took a really huge shit before you ate her ass out? Fucking gross, dude.

Anywho. That chick isn’t wife material. Just bang her a couple times then move on to something a lot more solid.


Her asshole did kinda taste bitter, not gonna lie


Two horrible threads created by the same op, not even an hour apart.


Feed ants from your desk into her butthole


stupid fuck there’s a relationship thread for this very purpose. On the front fucking page of GD no less.


depends, how cute are you?

& i don’t get it… besides probably being on her period, why did she freak out? because of the butthole thing? just f.y.i., guys don’t object to that stuff sipping coffee smiley


Whatever happened to RSigley?


Horrible advice.



If she’s so fucking vanilla she can’t enjoy things I see as bland, why the hell would you even want her back?


what ticks me off is she’s slutty enough to have sex with a random drunk guy she met at a party, of all places, yet she freaks because of that. stay dumb ho, dumb ho!


Stop making stupid threads.