Is there any way to connect the special?

I was wondering if theres anyway to connect Iori’s fire ball special(qcb,qcf+p)
special anyway.

besides using A groove?

On a dizzy opponent

C-groove, lvl 2 maiden masher?? cancelled into fireball super.

c.lkx2, lvl 2 qcf,hcb+p, qcb,hcf+p

this is all the combos i do with him… on this instead of doing 2 lp u can also do lks

c.lp c.lp maiden masher lvl 2 then uppercut

c.lp c.lp maiden masher lvl 2 then maiden masher lvl 1

qcb+f+hp then do maiden masher lvl 2 uppercut or another maiden masher lvl 1 maiden masher then before he starts the ground hits do the fire ball super and just do s.hp qcb.hpx3

THIS ONES ARE KINDA HARD maiden masher lvl2 then do wutever u want maiden masher lvl 2 then do wutever u want s.hp maiden masher lvl then do wutever


c.lp c.lp maiden masher lvl2 then do qcb+K

need any help connecting anything just msg me at Balroq559@aol i will help u with anything.

well I have no problems connecting those.

I see Iori as another Kyo so I do like the same chains like

c.lp qcb.HP(X3)
like the rekkas.

c.HP or s.HP into maden masher lvl2 then after the explosions maiden masher lvl1.

dont do the pillar super if the opponent is already dizzy, thats just a waste.

dizzy opponent =, land, s.lp, s.fp, qcb + fp x 3.

-if you wanna combo in the pillar theres a C-groove combo i do:, s.lp, fp dp, dash in x 3*, lvl 2 maiden masher (after the 10 auto combo hit) XX lvl 1 pillar super, jump up fp, land,, s.f+mp XX FP dp (opponent dizzies), s.lp, s.fp, qcb + fp x 3.

its not guarenteed after the first dp, since they can block the lk’s. it still does decent damage without the set up and you get meter back.

-in the corner and at the right distance, you can do a meaty lvl 1 pillar super and play a hi/lo game from there…

-against a wall happy vegas, i’ve done a few random lvl 1 pillar supers and caught them in mid air. …not much you can do after, though.

-finally, you can combo it in A-groove. > corner, s.fp, s.fp XX pillar super. make sure the last fp before the cancel pops them up high enough for them to fall into the flames. then walk up, fp dp…go you!

I dont get the fp dp in to dash lk (X3)

anyways I learned that when u do a groove and then u connect the pillar thing, after that the dmg meter resets I think.

becuz what I do is c.Hk until the bar, Hp dp xx into pillar , hcb hk.

Another thing that people don’t even notice is that the pillar super can be mashed out of so it can screw up a lot of things.