Is there any way to dual mod a HRAP EX 360 to play on a PS3?

Any info would be great… I really can’t afford to buy or want another stick.



It wouldn’t be easy. Unfortunately, the HRAP EX is not common ground, so you couldn’t just throw in a Cthulhu board and call it a day. I suppose you could wire up a hacked PCB from a PS3 controller, or maybe even use one of Toodles’ Axisdapter kits (don’t quote me on that, though).

Of course, one alternative would be to gut it and throw in a CG board like from the Madcatz X360 controller, and a Cthulhu board, but that’s kind of a waste of a PCB.

There are two golden rules for dual mods:

  1. Both pcbs must be common ground
  2. Both pcbs must be powered at all times.

HRAP EX pcb is not common ground, so no dual mod for you without gutting it completely.