Is there any way to get back lost fight money?

tl;dr = If you complete an action granting fight money while offline, is there any way to get that fight money back?

Did a quick search of the forums, and I don’t see this question being raised, so figured I’d post about it. I just finished the 10 trials for one character, but did not receive any notifications regarding fight money. I ended up getting a “Disconnected from server” prompt about a minute later. I quit the game, and logged back in later in the day to see if there were any messages in the notification logs regarding fight money; looks like there was nothing. So now, I’m wondering if you’re supposed to get fight money for finishing 10 challenges per character? If so, then how much fight money do you get? And is there any way to get that fight money if you got booted offline during completion?

This seems like it could have affected a wide range of people, and I’m surprised I couldn’t find any thread about it. If there’s an answer to this already, please point me to the right place.

yes you have to finish all the challenges before you get fm.
just redo the last challenge in which you getdisconected it should grant you the fm then.
i think you get something around 500 or 1000

Thanks for the information! Does this mean you need to finish all challenges for all characters combined before any fight money is rewarded? Also, is that 500/1000 per character, or is that the total amount for completing all challenges on all characters combined?

And finally, when you do get the fight money, I assume a notification should pop up in the corner like all the other fight money grants, right?

you get mentioned fight money the moment you complete all the challenges for one char.
so its a per charackter based payout.

yeah, you get a little popup