Is There any way to push opponents into corners with ryu?


is there?
And How?


Simply put:

Fireballs, spacing and footsies.

Look in the Ryu Character thread for a more detailed answer, if people don’t already make huge explanations in here for some reason.


Fireball, walk close,, if it hits do a shoryuken, if its blocked or misses, do a hadoken. I love the ryu flowchart


youre incredibly stupid


Stay on the ground, don’t jump much or you can lose all that work in putting them to the corner. Make sure you do the tatsu BnB combo so you put people in the corner quicker, and take full advantage of wakeups, baiting too much can be costly in maintaining pressure on wakeup.

Make sure when you throw, you throw in the right direction so they’re headed to the corner. Don’t jump back HK, and walk back too much, unless you have a good reason for it.

Edit: And being good at fireballs is hard. It’s easier to just walk forward, and rely on and sweep sometimes than to just fireball riskily, sometimes only do fireballs if you know they can’t possibly jump on you.


what i used to do when i had no footsie game was jump tatsu into the corner and wait for the opponent to come in then switch sides when i could, worked alot in vanilla


combos that end with lk tatsu are generally a very good way to push opponents into the corner


Simple question, Simple answer

I could say something like end your combos with hurricane kick to push them back, make sure they don’t jump over you with Shoryukens, I could have mentioned what a gl poke is, I could have said to just keep on pushing. But simple answer, throw fireballs safely and shoryuken


The best way from midscreen is probably to land something like c.jab, c.jab, c.fierce xx roundhouse hurricane kick. That’ll put them right in there if you land it.


But instead you advised someone to do something as impractical as hit confirm low forward on its own into shoryu or fireball? Do you know anyone that can actually do that in practice?


It’s simple get it done. if you hit someone with counterhit do metsu shoryuken because it’s free.

I think it’s funny you come into the thread and say “Well I could just give advice like… gives advice that 3 posters after his initial one gave verbatim.