Is there ANY way to reduce lag on SvC: Chaos?

Good lord, I feel like I’m playing against people with 56k. I get good connections with CvS2, good with Super Turbo, decent with 3rd Strike – But good lord, the netcode on this mutha is insane.

And what are those different options you can choose? I thought limiting to “Normal” characters would prevent the use of secret characters, but it doesn’t. You can select Capcom/SNK, SNK/Capcom, Capcom, and SNK – but it doesn’t seem to do anything. The manual mentions nothing.

This game defines sloppy.

buy lots of bandwidth

Stop playing it?..maybe? :razzy:

Being broke, I took the “stop playing it” approach. I ate it with a bit of mustard. It was delightful.

Delightful? Maybe the mustard helps. I thought the bread was stale, and SNK should’ve used less rotten meat.

you could have a 4meg connection and still get lag.

believe thats what i have and thats what i played with and got 1.5 seconds of delay.

[edit] and the game is 16bit so there really should’nt be any problems in the first place since you know the fact that xbox is 128bit and all.

but wait thats not all…XBOX CAN’T DO SHIT WITH 2D!