Is there any way to use analog stick to control movement

On ps2 with SF:AE i been messing around with SFII characters with 360 joystick rotations and i use my standard ps2 control.

But when i play 3rd Strike I cant use the analog to move only the directional buttons…Is this just the way it is or is there someway or some controller that allows you to use analog stick to move in 3rd Strike ???

I know ppl will probably say just use a stick , well you gotta use whats best for you and i can execute 360’s alot more consitent with a pad with analog rather than a stick.

Err dno. But yeah, a tiny tiny thing. If you use the analog on a ps2 controller, you cant play against anyone who uses an optical stick.

Do you have the analog stick enabled in the options of Third Strike?