Is there anybody in philly that does Duelmods

Because I have an Madcatz SE stick that i would like to get duelmoded so i can play on my ps3

the word duelmod reminded me of yugioh. hehe

anyway, check the stickies above broman.
actually here: Need a Modder/Builder in Your Area? Check This Post

Check this thread

Need a Modder in Your Area? Check This Post.

Im not in Philly, but I’m in Allentown, and I dual mod

Duel mod
it sounds like two moderators or modders having a duel to the death
whoever gets solder in the eyes of the other is the winner
protip, wear those safety goggles

I do Dual mods.
I don’t do Duel mods.

Why is it a choice between “duelmod” and “SE stick”?..

I chose SE stick, because Dual Mod was spelled wrong. But then I read this…

So now I wanna see this. I would like to change my vote.

JDM with a spool of wire and Gummo gets a Dremel.

i’m sure if gummo made a doll of himself like the jdm doll, he would do it

I could imagine him doing that lol.

Use the damn stickies.