Is There Anybody Out There?

Sup, SRKers.

Check out my Pink Floyd cover and let me know what you think:

; /

I closed it as soon as I saw the title of the video.

More like it made him watch it more

“1 Guy, 1 Cup of Coffee (No Milk, 1/2 A Sugar)” - original wisdom from tha mouth of boel

Yes there is somebody out there… just call my name and [media=youtube]Q6bARIaMhCM"[/media], whenever you need me, I’ll be there

No Homo

[media=youtube]lqNXE07fKuw[/media] as well.


Not bad at all dude. Could do without the ridiculous title and the lighting, just stick to the good music. Beauty in simplicity.

The title of the video suggest to me that you are an unlikable person.

But the cover is good, so congratulations.

Thank you, sir - that still counts as +1 Intarnetz for me.

It’s horrible