Is there anyone here who likes to play KOF XII?

Despite it being heavily flawed?

I don’t understand why people start threads like this. I would have expected that the KOF XII video thread and the two threads on XII, despite both having a lot of bitching, would signal that some people do like playing XII.

I love playing it!!! EVO games are being decided. We need to have a sign up poll for people that want to see KOF XII at EVO!!! Lets do this now, the time is now!!!

Better yet! How about we have a poll to see who will ACTUALLY partake in the tournament! Yeah, because an 3-8 man tournament isn’t all the great for a game that isn’t that popular.

I like KOF XII if they have it at EVO I will definitely be going.

This dude has been making stupid threads for awhile now.

yes, not that it matters.