Is there anyone like me who can't stop picking up new characters?


And is it a good or bad thing?

Going back to Vanilla I started with Sagat. Then I went to Seth, and stuck with him through much of SF4. After that Blanka, and Vega… Then SSF4 dropped, and I just about abandoned my go to Seth for Cody. I’ve also picked up T. Hawk, Zangief, Abel, and Most recently Ken.

There are also charters I spent a lot of time on then dropped like Vega, Blanka, Ibuki… I failed miserably with Rufus and for the first time ever just gave up on learning him.

So when I play endless it’s usually T.Hawk, Cody, Ken, Zangief, Seth, Abel, Sagat…

To be honest people are usually impressed to see all these charters are C+ and B ranked.

Now I’m seriously thinking about picking up E. Honda as he has proven very difficult for Bison which happens to be my worst match up… Jeez… What’s wrong with me? Why can’t I stick to one character two at the most? lol Anyone else doing this? If so, how many charters have you learned?


Think about this…

have you ever won a tournament?

have you ever beat a strong player in a tournament?

have you ever even entered a tournament?

The majority of people who dick around with a bunch of characters suck at SF.


You’ve gotta do some soul searching and find a main. I think Inthul said in a podcast that a good way to find a main is to think about how you would like to win a match.


You really have to just pick 1 character. You need to be able to play the character to their fullest.

Being a jack of all trades wont win you matches. And using “it’s just more fun” isn’t an excuse because if all you wanted to do was just “have fun” you wouldnt even bother signing up here and trying to get better at the game. You’d just play it and be content with your current skill level.


On the contrary, playing many characters can also be a good thing.

However what most people do is pick a main character, play them to death until they are good and then play other random characters when they feel comfortable. Playing the other characters helps them get a feel for what makes life difficult for them, or helps them find limitations that are only apparent when playing the character and not playing against them.

So pick one character to become good with. After you become noticed through your good play, then maybe start using other characters just to tighten up any difficult matchups.


This is where you’re letting your head get over you.
What pherai said as well.
You can’t have two mains until you have one. There’s no way you can know the matchups for 2+ characters until you fully understand ONE.
Although having >1 main and being a character specialist aren’t mutually exclusive, you can’t have more than one main if you’re not solid with ONE.

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme. Pick a character to invest time into. Or continue playing at a sub-par level and enjoy your trophies of ABC’s.


Yes, there are other players who play many characters very well. They typically have encyclopediac knowledge of the game and frame data. The game has so many characters that knowing matchups gets very difficult with each character you add. Sanford Kelly is a good example of a player like this.

There are also many more players who go from character to character without being good at any of them, because they get frustrated with each one when they run into a bad matchup or give up on a essential combo.


I can’t even fuck with another character. I switched from Guile to Balrog back in Vanilla, and anytime I’ve attempted to pick a new character, I end up moving the select cursor back over Rog and pushing the button.


Hate to jack this thread but… I also use various amounts of characters.

Mainly… Shotos and I am most comfortable and probably best with Ken or Ryu. I also use Dan (I actually win too sometimes o_O") and Gouken. I rarely use Akuma because I can’t afford to make mistakes (which I do often).

And… there’s… FEI LONG!

Is that too many characters? ;/?


Its nice to learn a variety of characters, but don’t go too far. Limit yourself to 3 or 4 characters. I say pick 2 you really like and stick with it, but it is good to learn more than one.

When you see people like Rico Suave, they usually pick abel, but I seen him play bison on a decent level. Keep in mind that He RARELY picks him. He usually pick Abel and he learns the match-ups. If you don’t have time to do that (If you wanna go pro, you probably want to do this) then might as well not have a main. Dick around with 20 characters.

So yeah my 2 cents…


It certainly increases the “replayablity” of the game. Mastering the whole cast can also be seen as the ultimate challenge for some players. I’ve got about eleven of the cast on my roster and I can rotate any of them into my starting five. But I noticed that I didn’t have any grapplers and I was leaning heavily towards characters with projectiles(Guile, Ryu, Chun Li, Juri, Dan, Ibuki, Rose) with Dudley, Cammy, Gen and Makoto being the only exceptions.

So, I’ve decided to mix in some Abel, Honda, Elf and Hakan to see if I can find a grappler to put on the team.



I feel your pain, Im always switching through characters in fighting games so much I have a very solid MOK in Tekken (I wish SF4 had its version of MOK), I use alot of characters because I bore easily after using the same fighter over and over you sound like you want an instant win character (i may be wrong).

Final thought - “MAIN who feels right, or top tier”


Double post


WOW… I wish I could quote everyone because you all make points that I would like to address , but since I can’t I’ll try to give more detail about my style of play.

  1. I don’t play in any offline tournaments. I’m strictly online, and you are seriously slow if you think there is no serious competition there. I can find videos of Diago getting his ass handed to him online. I don’t need tourneys to validate my skill level. I’m content with the competition online.

  2. I never had a problem selecting a main. Seth was always my main for like a year. I got bored with him, and especially frustrated with his stamina in Super.

  3. Being that tournaments are not in my future and I have no desire to go “Pro” my style is tailored for online.

I’ve got close to 2k matches under my belt. I know the match ups. I know who trumps who. I like to play a number of styles, from rush down, to defensive, to straight up turtleling.

If you notice, I have no charge charters in my stable. They are not for me. I don’t randomly pick up new characters, I pick up chars that play to my strength in one particular area.

T.Hawk (alt Zangief) - Juggernaut, high defense. I use him for OP’s that I know are better than me. They can take a lot of punishment, and make mistakes while I analyze my OP’s strengths and weaknesses/tendencies.

Cody - Great turtle character with good strength and punishing combos. I use him on OP’s that are easy to cross up, and AA.

Ken - Great all around character. Can rush down or play defensive.

Seth - More tools than any character. Shits on Rufus, Boxer, Ibuki and Zangief.

Abel - Beats even good players with the same 2 moves. Great rush down character.

Sagat - Do I really have to explain?

I’m basically collecting characters that fill certain needs. It’s totally impractical for someone who wants to be a tourney player, but in endless battle I can go on a 15-20 or so win streak easy. Not saying you can’t do that with one char. I’ve done it in ranked and endless with Cody and T.Hawk. I could be A rank with Hawk, but I would die of boredom before I got there. Based on the fighters I use is there any suggestion on who I should spend the most time on? I don’t think I’ll ever have a main again.


That doesn’t mean much to me. I’ve beaten top Japanese players in casuals before. I still suck.

Ok pick as many characters as you want.


The irony of doing this is that it actually does not improve you at all because good players will adapt in the middle of a fight while you maintain the ‘a certain character for a certain fightstyle’ philosophy.

EDIT: you seem to get bored with T.Hawk? You might want to try a really hard to master character, it will atleast present you a new challenge.


Maybe this thread should be about when it’s a good time to pick up a new character? I win most of the matches with all the characters I use with the exception of Ken. And I think it’s because I’m trying to identify how my Ken should fight. With that said, that’s probably the one I should be spending the most time on, but just like the others, once I start to win match after match I get bored. The point is not that I’m losing so I change. I change because I win. Rufus was pretty difficult for me to win with, but I just happen to not like his tools. I think my problem is that I continuously need a challenge.


you wouldn’t want to get a reality check anyways…


What’s with you people and the hate for online play? You act as if the people online are not human. What’s the difference if I play my next door neighbor online instead of going to his house? He’s still one of the best Gen players i have seen anywhere lol… I guess I shouldn’t brag on my K/D ratio on MW2 either since I don’t play it offline. :rolleyes:


No, they don’t. Actually, I know a handfull of people that use at least 4 alts and mastered them - even on a high level of play (Which im not at…) and those questions especially don’t apply here.

Great for you. He’s not challenging you, hes valdilating his point. Don’t jump on him.

…What? Their IS plenty of competition. A reality check isn’t the word your looking for. You can go to a tournament, and still find the worst players their. He is right. Sometimes, people can’t go to tournaments all the time and “Get-A-Reality-Check”, so they play online - and with Tournament mode coming, it’ll probally suit its self.