Is there anyone making plexy or wooden cases for IL parts?

Everything I can find is only for japanese parts. I’m not really an skilled person and I’m having a serious sortage of free time, so I would love to have something like those tek-innovations cases for IL parts.

grab a sfac stick, but it is a straight button layout, you can plug 2 so its not dick…

The tutorials made modding the SFAC look so easy. Taking the stock stick out is a fucking chore, would be easier if I wanted to open it up from the top, but I’d rather not destroy the plastic around the plexi and I am assured it is possible from the bottom.

i follwed that tutorial and i put a suzo 500 hundred stick in

stock stick was not hard to get out, and this was my first mod

i had to file down the wood to get the suzos shaft/grommitt to fit in though

i used this tutorial

Not easy to get that SFAC stuff here in Spain. Also, I don’t like the button distribution at all. Will consider it as last chance, but I really hope some other option pop up.

Actually I was wondering
Do we have any sticks thar IL/Happ parts would fit
Like the vs fightstick or hori vlx maybe?

I saw a bid on ebay for a empty Pelican Real Arcade Universal Stick

There 9 hours till the bid is over at the time of this writing.

The Older Hori Real Arcade Pro would work if you made a new metal top panel, and spaces to properly mount the buttons underneath. A Spacer for the buttons can be done with some plywood and matching button holes.

A TE would need serious modifications to both the TE and to the Happ or IL Joystick to fit a Happ/IL stick inside.

Both MK sticks by PDP would take Happ/IL parts without modification.

X-arcade sticks would work fine, but that layout and terrible PCB.

And I stated above the Pelican Real Arcade Universal Stick would work.

I would not suggest the VLX as it is a wasted effort, plus the VLX is a serious Collectors Item.

I’ve seen a Happ SE. It was one of the silliest sticks I’ve ever seen. Half an X-Box 360 was used to make the case deep enough for the stick.

So many sharp edges…

MAS is also selling cases and plexi once again. Give them a shout.

Can you give me a web address, email, or something? I think shouting from here will probably not be heard. And all I can find right now at google are links to a dead website -I must confess that right now I’m quite tired and probably not using my best google-fu -.

EDIT: some coffee and my google-fu is back. Why in hell all the sticks made with american style parts have bloody awful button layouts?

because majority of those using American style parts will want American style,layout,

You might have to go to Foe Hammer and commission a custom case.

For the record. I won this bid EEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Congrats Cutwest.

Anzhar, that layout was not common at all were I lived and seems somewhat weird to me.

I will look into custom builders Darksakul. Any idea of anyone that have experience with making cases for american parts, or you think that won’t be an issue?

Your In Spain right, try B15 or Shadowloo
If you don’t mind shipping from the US try Foe hammer

Will consider them but still hopping something more in the Art’s price ranges pops up.

You aren’t going to find a wooden case made for Happ/IL parts in the price range Art Hobbies sells the Tek Case for.
The only way is if you already have the tools or someone loan you the tools and you build the case your self.

Wood is not a requeriment, plexi is also OK.

Actually for Big heavy Happ/IL Parts you would want Wood/plywood, MDF or a combination of the three.
Happ/IL parts are designed for big wooden enclosures. You can get away with thick enough stock of sheet metal, but I suggest a spacer piece (plywood or MDF) for the buttons and spacers of some kind for the joystick.

Acrylic alone isn’t going to hold up well, even with Japanese parts you have to be gentle not rough to play with a pure acrylic panel.
With a Happ or IL stick you snap an straight acrylic panel too quickly.

I suggest for a top panel to me made of MDF as it works like wood but its not subject to warping like normal wood although MDF is made from wood.
The rest of the stick can be made from wood or Plywood.

You can do like what CUTWEST did above and try to source a cheap case of eBay, but you have to do your homework, and search for days until the right deal come up.
I found one such deal (ended up selling for US $10.50 which is a steal) and Cutwest jumped on that thing like a starving man at a all-you-can-eat buffet, I can’t blame him, especially since I did the same thing to a non-working Hrap 3.

To face facts you got to start searching the net and searching locally if you want a good Case (for Cheap) for your Happ or IL parts.
Hit up craft stores, hardware stores, thrift stores, pawn shops, swap meets and yard/garage sales for large wooden or metal boxes that could be sturdy enough for arcade parts and invest in a 1 1/8 inch hole saw (its a type of drill bit).