Is there anyone making plexy or wooden cases for IL parts?


You can ask them a list of button layouts they offer


Thx Darksakul for the info after some consideration i think i will go with custom case


I tried to work on a joystick case with MDF and A) the results were terrible in some aspects, B) MDF have the most disgusting feeling to the touch I have ever felt. If I finally have to make it myself, I will go to the hardware store to buy wood to start again.


MDF is the only wood product that not subject to warping due to temperature or humidity the way regular wood or Plywood does. MDF does not require a sealant to seal up any end grain fibers. Actually MDF has no grain, so it cuts the same in any direction. The BEST wooded case design takes regular wood and MDF into consideration. Make the outer area out of your regular wood (what ever wood you want, even exotic wood)
The MDF does the best as the top panel, where acrylic is going to cover the top most surface. MDF does need to be primed before it gets painted because it lacks the grain to hold on to paint. If you do the outer case in a wood stain and finish you can leave the MDF natural or leave a veneer of actual wood on the inside if you want the inside of your stick pretty and to show off.

If you are really apposed to MDF you can go for Plywood or sheet metal, Plywood is subject to warping but not the same as regular wood. Metal will distort in size with extreme temperatures.


Thanks for the tips. I think I will take another shot to end the case I started this weekend.


Everything is finished, but I think I pronbably lost a pice of the IL stick or something, I’m clipping it on the longest position but it slides down, is like it missed a top on the upper part or something. But I can’t really see any missing pieces for the photos I see on the net.

EDIT: Difinitively, I lost a part , let’s see if I can find it…


Ok, problem solved and joystick finished. 360 padhack not working ok, but not using 360 lately so will fix it in the future, working fine on PS3 an PC.

Thanks everybody for the tips.


post a pic of the finished result



thats good work!!

post more pics in this THREAD