Is there anyplace where you can buy a Astro City panel for the PS3?

full on panel

Well, you’re probably going to want to purchase a Virtua Stick Pro HSS-0130.

Or you could just buy the CP for the actual cabinet and make or hire a modder to make your own housing for it. sells full Astro City Control Panels. You will, however, need something to house it.

The HSS-0130 is an awesome stick, but it is for Sega Saturn, so you will need a converter or to modify it to work with PS3. However, it is also able to house any of the Astro City control Panels, so you can buy a 1P panel for it, too.

so you want a 2 player stick astro city panel stick or do you want a personal stick for ps3 with astro city layout ?

I don’t understand.
What does the PlayStation 3 part mean?

I’m pretty sure blklightning21 could help you out if you need a custom single-player Astro City panel for a prefab arcade stick like the Madcatz TE.

He wants to use it on the PS3 I assume.

Own an HSS and love it. One thing I will say before you buy one is that you might as well get a cab. Its a much more rewarding purchase if you’re up for it. The HSS runs around 300 and you might be able to land a cabinet for 6.

I still don’t understand.
Does he want an Astro City Arcade Cabinet with a PlayStation 3 inside?
Does he want a regular PlayStation 3 Arcade Stick using Astro City Layout?
Does he want a Custom PlayStation 3 Arcade Stick with real Astro City Control Panel?

The PlayStation 3 part is weird.
Because it does not mean anything.
He will have to build something to mount the Control Panel.
He will also have to wire up the Control Panel for PlayStation 3.

By the Thread Title, I think he wants an Astro City Control Panel.

But saying an Astro City Panel for PlayStation 3.
That just totally does not make sense.

He can buy a Blast City Control Panel and Bezel thing.
He can buy the Sega Saturn HSS-0130.

sorry to bring this back but i think he’s looking for a case like the HSS-0130. I myself am looking for something like this but I want an empty case that I can multi mod and wire myself to work on multiple consoles. plus I have my own buttons and sticks to insert into it. so a knock off case that apes the HSS-0130 dimensions is probably the best description i have.

I think there’s a Blaze arcade stick that mimics the Astro CP.

I think it was called the “Twin Shock” or something.

Mimic the Astro CP it does not. Only thing that matches might be layout.


He might as well buy a Hori PS3 VLX if he can still find the thing for $300! (Probably have to import the stick at this point in time… BUT he’d probably have to import the HSS-0130, too!) Not much smaller, really…

The VLX is probably still easier to find than the Sega HSS-0130 and is PS3 capable out of the box.
I think you’d be lucky to get the HSS-0130 for under $300 and be able to mod the thing for PS3 without spending at least another $35-$60 on a replacement PCB let alone an adaptor…

The Blaze sticks are junk in comparison. They require hardcore modding.

People have built wooden cases that house Astro panels. I seriously doubt you’ll save money going that route.

sounds like he wants one of these its dual modded and i will part with it for no less than 500$ plus shipping. You might as well buy a cabinet.

Here is a copy of a to make a replica best if its cut with a CNC router He mentioned some thing about building one

Where’s the guy who has a Lindbergh panel in an (IIRC) Ikea shelving panel?

I messaged that guy on YouTube, and he said that he got the hollow shelf from an Argos store in the UK, so it might be hard to find an equivalent in the US.

I…neeeed…thoose…dimensions. hahaha where did you find that rooser rooster any way you can pm me a pic with the image enlarged so i can see the dimensions.

He already did make them, and sold.
mdsfx is no more making.