Is there anything I can do to fix the matchmaking?

I haven’t seen this issue brought up in the glitches thread so I assume I am doing something wrong.

Basically ALL of my ranked matches are against people with 5 times as many matches played as me, and ALL of my matches are against players with much higher ranks than me.

I’ve played about 50 ranked matches on PSN and have had very few problems connecting to other players (NAT1), but unfortunately I can’t really enjoy these matches because everyone I play has a minimum of 70% win rate, at least two levels above me and always with at LEAST twice as many matches played as me. I thought I was hallucinating so I made note of everyone I played yesterday: 11 matches, not a single opponent below 100 matches played, only 2 people the same level as me (I switch between Level 9 Lord and Ranger), only 1 person below a 70% win rate. I actually played 7 matches in a row against players with a 75% win rate or higher, including a 5th Lord and a 4th Lord. Note that I am basing this off of the post-match statistics, which seem to be accurate as opposed to the random garbage that shows up before the fight.

I have tried 3 settings, all from while playing arcade mode. I always have the region set to “same” and up until my last couple of games I set the “Rank” to “same”. I think Capcom may need to look up the word “same” in an English dictionary if they think a 9th Ranger fighting a 4th Lord is even rank. I have tried setting the language to either “Any” or “English” and it does not seem to make a difference. The one thing that got me a match against someone my level was setting the “Rank” setting to “Any”. At first I thought that maybe that setting was doing the opposite of what I thought, but sure enough I was eventually getting higher ranked players after a while of setting “rank” to “any”.

And there is no need for “learn 2 play”. That’s exactly what I am trying to do. I don’t think it’s too much to ask to want to play against other level 9s or 8s or failing that, people with approximately the same number of matches played. It’s certainly encouraging to see such a high level of play on psn that people are doing She Hulk running slide into cancel into two jumping loops into launcher with half a second of lag; but at the same time doing this against someone that has owned the game less than a week and is just getting the feel of the system benefits no one. In fact the level of play I’ve faced in ranked is pretty much supernatural: I’ve never seen a spammer, never seen a masher, or anyone that dropped their combos and Sentinel is extremely rare - this actually makes me think something is wrong because I can go into player matches and win the vast majority of my matches against Sent/Arthur spammers, Hulk H -> S abusers, Dante/Wesker “teleport behind you and mash” and shitty Deadpool “zoning”.

It seems matchmaking has been broken ever since the shadow mode patch. All we can really do is hope it gets fixed by another patch.

^beat me to the punch.

Ranked is to show you good you are against the field. If the field is better than you, then you are going to lose.

My suggestion would be to learn to play better in player matches and move to ranked when you’re less free.

Someone please explain to me…

Why is it that when I select Ranked Match and choose to filter only players in my range, but they put me up against opponents that are way out of my rank?

I play player matches, and win 80% of the time against opponents way out of my rank, but when I get on a ranked match, same players different outcome.

Are you allowed Simple Mode in a Ranked Match? I want to learn and improve my technique, but it seems I can’t get a good consistency of opponents.

Any suggestions?
(sans trolling)

The funny thing about it is half of these 4th - 5th Lords are horrible and dependent on Sentinel or cheap tactics. Once you LEARN how to combat these tactics you should be fine.


Yeah I noticed this too. Personally I actually like that it matches me with higher ranked players. I’d rather have more hard fought matches, and I really don’t care about my own online rank much anyways.

I’ve given up on Ranked. Player Matches are better. Tired of being ranked with Lords and Rangers. Been like that even when I was an amateur. Makes no sense.

Exactly what he asked for people not say…smh…

Anyway, i am a 4th lord and ever since i have only fought about a hand full of people. Of this handful are high lords ,1st and 2nd lords. Rarely i will fight someone lower than me and when i do its for their rank up battle.

I dont mind but i can see howess experienced player could annoyed.

Glad to know it isn’t just me and something is actually broken. Before I was getting matched up fine but after that Shadow update I keep getting # Lord one after the other. Hopefully they fix this but either way more training mode awaits.

This. Arthur is a pain too but when you find a way in he is in his underwear in no time.