Is there anything I should train myself to always react to?

I can already react to fireballs thrown by anyone with U1 or Jaguar Kick
I also can react to Wheel Kick, Honda’s Headbutt, and Blanka ball with far s.HP or far s.HK

Anything I else I need to be able to react to or any of these I shouldn’t be trying to react to?

With blanka ball i would block and punish with lk.jk you could trade the other way.

And the obvious one AA rj.

definitely AA RJ, also AA EX IAJK into ultra would be good for jumpers who don’t learn.

Another thing you should learn to react to is your own attacks. JK or JT followed up with HK/EX RJ will beat almost any counter attack on reaction. You should definitely get used to reading your opponent and reacting on time. Also you should learn to react to your our cr.lp. Mashers are not adon’s friends and with his tight links its sometimes necessary to take every advantage you can have. Sometimes on jumpin or counter poke I’ll be holding downback, if i hitconfirm the counterpoke or cr.lp I will switch to downforward and use a second cr.lp so that I can hit the link(shortcut into RJ.) If they block the 1st cr.lp then i know to stay on downback so if they mash out a counter I will still be blocking. Its really simple but really complicated in practice. Give it a try in practice at the computer to random block you’ll see what I mean.


React to flames posted by frequenters of this forum, who will tell you not to make new threads for questions when there are SEVERAL different threads already made for answering questions. Asshole.

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If this was a comment made in response to the thread I made, I was just trying to make things easier for everyone and more organized. I don’t see how that’s being an asshole.

New threads keeps peoples attention and its not that big of an offense, truthful u get more straight answers if you make a new thread

It was a response to the op’s question, as my post was itself a flame intended for him. And he’s an asshole for being a typical scrub who joined 4 days ago, didn’t bother to read a single post in the forum, started his thread by telling everyone how good he is, and then asking how we can make him better.

I’m really not sure how you took that as a post against your thread, but if I can hurt two people’s feelings with one post, then I’m down.

It’s also easier to get someone’s attention by slapping them in the face before asking them a question, but if someone did that to me, I’d choke them and shove their corpse in a public mailbox. Just trying to keep the adon forum classy, since it seems mods would rather a clusterfuck of random information over a few quality threads.

I’m just illiterate and dont know how to read things properly. I just don’t know how hard it is to ask a question in the thread that says read and post here first as its a sticky and will attract the same attention.

One thing I learned early is to pick and choose when you strike. It only takes one dp to fuck a day up

They should make Stickies always in bold then, bold attracts the eyes more than normal

You should train on safe jumps and option select with Adon so that the system can “react for you” :slight_smile: